Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Myself in Photos

Okay, so Michelle totally got me hooked. Go to and upload a photo of yourself it will give you a profile of what celebrities you look like. It uses facial scanning software. Totally addicting! I used 3 different photos to see what different results I got. I got various results, but all three times I got one of these Indian supermodel women, so apparently, I really look like this girl. And then I did Bella, curious to see if they would do a baby, and it worked. The funny thing, she also had the same Indian supermodel! Michelle and I also had 3 of the same results- Catherine Zeta Jones, Alyssa Milano, and Kristin Kreuk. I think that's rather intersting. So here are my results. (at least the results that I liked the best.) The first profile I did listed my number one as Gloria Estefan. What?! Including her, I had like 4 or 5 different nationalities that I looked like. Okaayy... For some reason I couldn't get any more photos to load. I will try to get them up later, but here are my results.

Priyanka Chopra 75% Yeah, that's right- Miss World 2000

Rachael Leigh Cook 74%

Alyssa Milano 74% Miss Teen Steam herself

Eva Longoria 73% I always knew it.

Gwen Stefani 73% She's rockin'.

Aishwariya Rai 73% Yeah, that's right- another Miss World
Madonna 73% Wow- Just like looking in a mirror, isn't it? (use your imagination for lack of a photo for the time being)
Catherine Zeta Jones 73% Not bad, not bad...
Sade Adu 73% Umm... Okay... I like her music anyway...
Uma Thurman 72% Right on!
So it turns out, I'm a lot hotter than I thought. Yay for bogus software!
Here are some of Bella's lookalikes:Zhang Ziyi, Michelle Pfeiffer, Denise Richards, Norah Jones, Jennifer Love hewitt, Aishwariya Rai. Not a bad future of miss Bella Bean! Give it a try.. Barring Jill's results, I think it will be a fun experiment for you!


Jill said...

What, no Benny Hill, Tony Bennett or Condaleeza Rice? Lucky you. That's cool that Bella got some of the same people as you did. I haven't tried doing my kids yet (I was too scarred from my own results.)

hc said...

Soooo, I have wasted the last hour uploading pictures. Stupid websites that waste my time....It's kinda cool though, so thanks for sharing! Mya's results are so funny, apparently she looks like asian men and a few hotties, depending on the picture I use.

michelle said...

Two Miss Worlds?? Dang, you're hot. I can actually see some resemblance with Rachael Leigh Cook, though I don't know who she is.

Diana said...

we love doing that too. Lou's first person was Bratt Pitt and then Ben Afflick. So we are both lucky to have sexy husbands!

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