Saturday, May 20, 2006

Happy Birthday Bella!

"Go Bella, Go Bella! We gonna party- like it's your birthday!"

Trying something new with this post... Hopefully it works and doesn't end up looking 'migrainous'. I need to review with Jill or Shell how to customize the color of my blog- and as soon as I get a chance, I'm going to make a banner. Or try.
Here are Bella's birthday wrapup photos. Overall I would say it was a great

success. I made cupcakes and frosted them green, with a daisy on each one. Overall I'm not a huge fan of Shasta daisies, but I think they turned out pretty cute. Bella enjoyed eating her cupcake, and the picture of her smiling is when she opened her little 4-key Little Tykes piano. I went to Toys R Us to get her a couple more things yesterday, and that was not on the list. However, when she saw it she was so elated we ended up buying it. She would not put it down and was so happily plunking on the keys, that what choice did I really have? When she was openening presents today she hit the keys through the wrapping paper and got that same huge grin on her face. Int he picture of she and I she is still happily playing with it. Priceless. Definately a hit! By the way, nobody told me that apparently I had on 'harlot makeup'! The lighting must have been bad when I did my makeup, because when I reveiwed the pictures this afternoon, there was some seriously bad blush going on. I apologize for the mistake- it was just a that, an unfortunate mistake. Bad lighting...harlot makeup unintended.

We put Eva and Bella back-back in the baby swing. They didn't seem to mind- Bella was oblivious, and they sure fit a lot better. Good thing they're both so small!

Happy Birthday Bella!!!! Thank you to all who wished her well today. She is so loved.


Anonymous said...

Bella was such a cute b-day girl!!! The party was great- sorry again we were a little late! Guess I didn't really notice the 'harlot makeup' you are speaking of, you always look so fabulous to me. I'll look through the pictures Linc took and send you any ones that turned out cute. Bella is and will forever be such a doll!

Jill said...

I like the new blog color and anxiously await your banner (I'm sure it will be painfully cute and genius as well).

The pictures from Bella's party are darling. What's wrong with Shasta Daisies? I love them. I think they're so cheerful and abundant, maybe you should rethink your stance on those. They sure look cute on the cupcakes.

I love the picture of Eva and Bella in the swing together, that's so cute. How fun for them to get to grow up together and to be so close in age.

Good job on the party, and holy cow you've got a one year old!

rmt said...

You did such a good job with the party. I loved the coordinating colors. Bella was so cute. It was fun to watch her open presents and eat cake.
I didn't notice the 'harlot' make-up either! You're funny.

michelle said...

Yay Bella! Glad we could celebrate her birthday with her. Now that you've done your post, I'll do mine that I've been waiting on so that we don't have the same photos!

Robin said...

So cute. I was so bummed we couldn't stay longer, but I was glad we could at least celebrate with her for a few minutes (: And thanks again for coming over for dinner tonight - we really enjoyed having you guys there, and Bella was too cute. We really appreciate what great of friends you and Timm are (:

dpw said...

I'm with Jill on the Shasta Daisy viewpoint. I think they're so cheerful and friendly. I love the idea of putting them on the cupcakes! I love the photo of the girls swinging--what fun it will be for them to grow up as cousins together!

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