Saturday, June 24, 2006

Help Wanted

So my job search continues. I am holding onto Wal*Mart as my last ditch option as I am sure there are other things I'd rather do. (Like sleep at night.) I check the online classifieds every day as well as other websites like the hospital to see the updates on their Help Wanted. It's really too bad I'm not a nurse- I could get a lot of night jobs! Ever since Lola died I've been really interested in nursing, but that's obviously not an option right now. I'm not looking for a career here- If so, I wouldn't be willing to resort to Wal*Mart, now would I? Here are a couple of interesting jobs I'm thinking of applying for that I found, where else, but BYU's own 'Daily Universe.'

SUMMER FIELD Researcher wanted: To work with graduate students capturing and marking frogs in central Nevada, mistnetting birds in Utah. Must be willing to camp in primitive conditions for ten days, three times during the summer. Starts July 7. Contact Dr. Hatch:

hmm... While I do enjoy camping in 'primitive conditions', I lack the necessary mistnetting experience to really be a candidate for this job. Plus, I fear the lighting would not be the best for makeup application, and my lighted makeup mirror is broken. (Is is possible that our definitions of 'primitive' differ?)

WANTED! FEMALE exercise assistant for my elderly father (retired BYU professor) who enjoys 1 mile walks, stretching, floor exercises, weight lifting, and especially dancing to big band music. We live very close to BYU. Position pays $15.00/hr. 1 hour sessions, 6 times a week. Schedule negotiable. Knowledge of exercise or dance required. Must be bubbly, fun, dependable & honest.
Call Nancy at 427-5552.

Now this one sounds really interesting. I am bubbly, fun, dependable, and honest. Maybe they would overlook all those other pesky fitness related requirements. On second thought, does it seem to anyone else that the position they are trying to fill is really a surrogate wife/companion for the poor old codger?

*It should be noted that I did not make those up. I am not that creative.*

When I was a student myself at BYU, my mom was convinced that I could get a job, or rather make my own business, cooking for guys in their apartments. Yeah, maybe in the 50's, and maybe it required some sort of silly outfit.

Other jobs I have had in no particular order: A vet tech for several years, occasional dreaded babysitting as a youth, a brief stint at Great Harvest (I couldn't stay there- it made me fat by association), manager at Petco, Account Manager at Leaving Prints, Kennel Tech (dog poop-scraper.)

OR- maybe I could hark back to the million idea I had as a child. I had many money-making schemes, but this was perhaps my best. When I was about 7 or 8 years old I thought I'd put my extensive library to work for me by running a paying library. I went right to work 'rating' all my books by labeling the spines according to a reading-level system I devised. All I needed was a dedicated phone line, some advertising to my friends, and I would be in business! But what- would you believe it? My parents would not concede to getting me my own phone line! Apparently they didn't think a 'paying' library was such a good idea. Apparently they thought people would rather just go to an actual public library where they didn't have to 'pay' and there was a bigger 'selection' and more 'organization'. I was indignant. Thanks mom and dad for squashing my childhood dream. If not for you I would have already capitalized on my grand idea and would be enjoying my millions instead of considering employment at Wal*Mart.

Assuming the library thing might not pan out, anyone have any other suggestions for me?


Anonymous said...

Jessie Jessie Jessie, you make me laugh so...Have you thought of posting your scrapbooking skills on and offering to scrapbook for others? Or posting about animal sitting- my cousin did that for a long time and made some serious money in the summers when people go on vacation. I'll keep thinking as usual :/

katie said...

what about a job from home like jet blue, my sil works from home, although the training is on site for 6 weeks I think. I know babysitting sounds horrid, but what if you found something for some college students that was not like a horrible schedule, and really good pay. I like the dog sitting idea. It is hard sometimes to find things that work with families. I worked at Old navy at night, than a part time doc. office job. What about cleaning, you could clean offices. Good luck, lots of prayer.

Kim said...

Your financial/job situation is definately a hairy one! I have actually thought about this a lot lately; why such a pretty, motivated, energetic, bubbly, smart and talented lady, such as yourself, isn't a famous millionaire by now? I have also thought of several things you could do to become one of those millionare stay-at-home moms. If anyone could do it, its definately you! Anyway, I've concluded that many of the talents (scrapbooking for instance) that could make you rich and famous...will not make you rich and famous becuase you live in a saturated market. I think Utah is the birthplace of scrapbooking and I'm sure that scrapbooking celebrities are a dime a dozen out there (simply becuase soooo many people do it...) So, to overcome this obstacle,the secret is the internet. Making and selling something on the internet so you can reach the people outside of your saturated market. Have you considered starting an e-bay store of those cute composition books and other cute scrapbooking items you make? Just an idea. I'm trying to think outside the box (aka Walmart night shift) I'll keep thinking though. :) Good luck in the meantime- I can't wait to hear all about Charleston!

rmt said...

Oh Jessie, you know I was going through the same problem a couple months ago. It is just so hard to find a non-horrific job at night. I like the office cleaning idea though. Or the pet-sitting thing might work. Or you could try a paper route. (JUST KIDDING!) Good luck, I will keep my eyes/ears open.

Jill said...

I think the office cleaning idea is a good one because you're great at cleaning, could be alone with an ipod while doing it, and might be able to have some flexibility with the hours at night.

Otherwise, it would be cool if you could cook for students. I'm not sure how you'd market it, but you've already got your bulk cooking/freezing techniques perfected so if you could do that and get paid for it, that would be perfect.

Amie said...

Good luck Jessie. I have always looked for jobs at home and only been successful a couple of times. I hope you find something that works soon!

Those ads are hilarious!

Kristi Brooke said...

ok go for the walking with the guy! it would be like tuesdays with morrie.

you could bring the stroller and take your daughter with you.

you probably could learn a lot write a book and make a ton of money.

claire said...

avoid wal*mart. avoid it like there is no tomorrow. It will suck you into it's terrible vortex from which there is no escape. just say no!
ps: Bella is one of the cutest babies since ever, and I love it when she dances.

Amie said...

Jessie - I told the company I work for that I knew someone interested in working from home. They are looking for someone to do their after hours phones. I am not sure if this interests you or how much extra you are needing....but let me know if you think you may be interested. I don't know what their plan really is either (time wise or whatever) but I thought of you when my cousin was telling me about it.

michelle said...

Hilarious ads. The Daily Universe is fodder for many a good laugh for sure. A return to pet-sitting might be a way to earn a few extra bucks. And I saw a story on the news a few months ago about a woman who started a business making home-cooked meals for busy folks who work outside the home. She would get some info on their likes/dislikes, then cook a week's worth of meals, package them up in containers with instructions on them. Maybe Mom was onto something! (but not for college guys -- they don't have the funds and are happy to subsist on ramen and the like...)

mom said...

Turn first to prayer.

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