Friday, June 09, 2006

Updates about things you probably don't care about anyway.

I too, like Jill took an involuntary Blogging break. I tried several times to post, but to no avail. I was getting so mad because I kept getting all these error messages and pages after I had written and rewritten entire posts complete with pictures etc. So know that I still love you all, and if this doesn't work I might go postal.
  • I got all the envelopes done. I really don't mind the stuffing, I just didn't like my tight deadline. I am glad to have gotten it done to have a little bit of money to add a drop in the bucket to our financial needs.
  • Robin is my hero because she came over on her own volition on Wednesday night and helped me stuff envelopes for like 2 hours. We had a refreshing chat and it was good times to have some rare one-on-one time with Robidoo. What a gal!
  • After my successful envelope-stuffing (I only got a few minor paper cuts) I bought a newspaper today to see if there are any job opportunities that I could do from home. I'm always afraid that all of those things are scams...
  • Today is day 15 of my 30-day Points Challenge, and I am proud to say that I have stuck to my points everyday, and even cut out my 10 extra nursing points because Bella is almost weaned! The gym however, has been a great failure the last 2 weeks. (But that wasn't part of the challenge, now was it? Lay off!) How are you doing on your goal(s)?
  • I am mos thoroughly enjoying watching 'Lost.' Not that there was ever any doubt that I would, but it is just so enjoyable! I am almost done with Season 1 and can't wait to start on the 2nd. I love watching great tv shows on dvd! Thanks Diana! Oh, and Kim, it's definitely worth watching on a scrap of carpet in an unfinished basement. I think I even read a review somewhere that said just that...
  • Lola's Legacy Super Saturday is one week from tomorrow! Please plan on attending, and if you need the address for the chapel please email me and I will get it to you. We need everyone's help to get it all done- especially scrappers! Bring a friend- there's actually going to be a great lunch! (And I mean that- not your typical RS food.. it really is great. Chalk it up to a culinary girl in the RS presidency. What a treat!)
  • In general I don't mind bugs. I even like spiders because they just help keep the rest of the bug population down. (Jill, please still be my friend- I will rescue you from spiders!) There is however, one notable exception: 'pedes. 'Pedes have no place in my life, or my home. Something about the creepy way that they locomote. Yesterday one such creature made its way into my living room and the cats were on that thing like white on rice. That is when it's great to have them around. This picture gives a great view of the extra skin and wrinkles on the Sphynx cats.
  • This is Mister. He doesn't get much publicity unless he's peeing on my laundry, which in all fairness, he hasn't done for months. He must be feeling secure in his feline-hood.

He's not too bad looking for a hairy cat, huh?

(Okay, and apparently I still hate Blogger because it won't let me load any pictures. I am going to go breathe and try not to go postal.)


TX Girl said...

Oh thank heavens- between you, JIll, and Amy all MIA my days have been highly boring (although I am actually getting some work done). I always enjoy your entertaining comments. If we lived in the same state I think we could really be friends- okay like separate from blogging friends.

Sorry to hear about the blogging problems. I hate it when you get everything all typed out and poof- where did it go. I have now taken to copying my post before publishing. It has saved many hairy moments.

Congrats on accomplishing the envelopes. Sorry- I was skeptical, but you proved me wrong. Good luck looking for a job.

Sorry I cannot make the Inaugural Lola's Legacy, but I'm sure y'all will be able to get everything done!

Kim said...

Okay if "Lost" has your worth-watching-in-an unfinished-basement-approval, maybe I'll watch. Congrats on sticking to your points! You are a go-getter!

Amie said...

I enjoyed your catch up. Impressive that you are doing so well with your points and that you are already half way "done."

I would like the address to the crop. I am hoping to make it but AGAIN Jimmy is supposed to go to Vegas to help his brother move. I can't imagine that they will really be ready to move in a week so I am hopeful that he will be here. I can't believe for the two "blogging" parties child care is getting in the way - that is rarely my problem! Anyway - I really want to help and will try to make it!

Jill said...

What a bummer that you had an involuntary blogging break too, but fortunately I didn't know about it since I was out of the loop.

I'm glad you made it through your envelope stuffing, how sweet of Robin to show up and help you. I'm glad you had a chance to make some money. That's always a nice bonus, even if it's not a lot.

I'm not doing so well with my 6:30am wake-up time goal. I had been doing great but then I got sick and was just wasted and keeping weird hours so I'm off my plan. I'm hoping to be back in good form and will start over on Monday. I actually missed getting up early and walking this week, and kept fearing for my girth at camp next week. But really I was hit hard with this cold, what was I to do?

Alison said...

"'Pedes have no place in my life, or my home. Something about the creepy way that they locomote."

'Pedes! This was the funniest thing I have read/heard in days. Seriously. Made me laugh OUT LOUD, at midnight, after being stuck in the rain on LONG ISLAND/5 hours of public transport.... but I saw Blondie in concert, so all is well.

'Pedes = better than Blondie

little charlotte said...

I'm sure glad your involuntary blogging break is over--I've been immensely bored at work lately! That's really frustrating it wasn't working; I hate it when computers are stupid. I've never minded monotonous work like stuffing envelopes either. It's easy, I've been paid pretty well for it before, and you can watch TV while you do it! We just started watching "Lost" and we're only through the first couple of episodes, but we don't really know what to think yet. It's a little bizarre and sometimes soap-opera-like. I'm willing to give it a little more time to grow on me though. I hope Lola's Legacy is a big success next weekend; I wish I could be there!

Robin said...

Jessie, it was seriously so fun to come help you out Wednesday. Having some quality chat time with you was so awesome. And 'pedes?? Awesome. Reminds me of "'sode" from Wonderfalls. Yay for blog updates! I have been out of the loop this week too.

michelle said...

Ooohhhh!! 'Pedes! I'm with you -- I hate them so much. And I think Ashley was the one who invented that nomenclature. It just makes sense because it covers both the centi- and the milli- types. (and any others that might exist) They're definitely worse than spiders in my book.

I'm glad you got the envelopes done and let me know what you find out about working from home. I'm always afraid those are all scams, too.

I'll be there for Lola's Legacy!

dpw said...

The reason 'pedes are so yucky is that they crunch when you mush them--even if you try to do it with a thick wad of kleenex or paper towel! They're just nasty--no two ways about it.

"Lost" is growing on me, though I find some of the writing sort of stupid and melodramatic. I'm not sure it would hold my interest as a weekly show I had to make time for, but it's not bad as summer DVD watching while I'm sewing. (The alterations business is picking up!)

I, too, am in the market for a part-time job. It's a bummer.

dpw said...

Oh--and I REALLY wish I could be there for Lola's Legacy! Sounds like you're all set for a successful day.

rmt said...

I am glad that you made it through the envelope stuffing escapade! Yuck.
I am so proud of you for sticking to your points! You inspire me, as usual.

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Julie said...

Glad to know the blogging was a problem for everyone. I just thought I was having "beginners luck" or the lack thereof. Maybe I'm not as impaired as I thought. Here's to happier blogging days.

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