Thursday, July 20, 2006

Calling all Bargain Hunters!!!

{sorry for the distracting blur- I still haven't taken my camera to get cleaned, and since my car is in the shop it won't be getting clean any time soon.}
Run, don't walk to your nearest Old Navy!!!
I would assume that this same deal is nation-wide, but all of their clearance stuff is 50% off of the already reduced price until the end of the week. That's right- you heard me- 50% off of the already reduced price!
Hannah and I opted out of going to 7Peaks with all the girls today for the first time this summer, but I dare say, sorry girls, it was worth it. I was disappointed not to be able to go, and it would have been a perfect day, but judging my the swarms of people who were already picking the store apart, it would not have done to wait another day.
Now Timm and I really don't have money in the budget to go on such a shopping spree, but I talked it over with him and we decided it was really a sound financial decision. Bella will inevitably, albeit slowly, grow out of her clothes and need new ones. Most of the things I bought were for her to wear next summer, but I bought TImm and I a couple of things as well. There was a great selection of baby clothes. As always, I only wish I had more money (actually, any money whatsoever) so I could stock up on baby shower gifts or buy an entire first year's wardrobe for my next child who is destined to be a boy. (Mark my words, I know my stuff...) SO I only spent $55 and I got 14 items- for those of you who lack the awesome math skills that I have (okay, my computer has) that's less than $4 per item! Better than shopping at a resale shop, but it's all brand-new! My, I am mighty pleased with myself.
*So RUN, don't walk to your nearest Old Navy because with prices like these, time is running out!*
Other random tidbits:
  • my car died. It was an eventuality, but came sooner than we would have liked since we are still trying to invoice one of Timm's bosses so we can pay rent next month. I guess 'died' isn't really the correct term since it can be revived, but not for less than $500 I'm guessing. And it left me stranded at Smith's with melted ice cream yesterday and Timm had to come rescue us with a push-start. (The miracle of a stick-shift!)
  • I went to see my psychologist yesterday. (I have a psychologist and I'm proud of it, baby!)I like her because she really seems to know her stuff when it comes to meds, unlike my last doctor who temporarily dried up my milk supply by prescribing the wrong birth control. However, I suspect she may have diagnosed one too many people. Whenever I talk to her, she infers all kinds of crazy meanings to what she thinks I am actually saying. Mind you, I am not in a therapy session, as I don't need those any more thank you very much! I am just getting a re-check for my meds. For instance, the first time I went to see her, we were talking about whether or not I was assertive. I thought she suspected I might not be, and I quickly corrected her saying that I have no problem being assertive- to which she replied, "But do you stop all over people's hearts and feelings?" hmm. I hadn't thought so, but I left her office with the distinct impression that I had been living all these years as a heart-stomper without knowing it. Then yesterday I was talking about how I don't take Bella to the child-care place at the gym anymore because the last few times she's cried and they've paged me to come get her. My doctor's natural response was to say "And then you think-'You're ruining my life!' (referring to Bella) and then you hate yourself for thinking that." Hmm. I hadn't thought so, but then I find myself thinking, maybe she's right- I mean, she is the expert in this situation. But no- that's not true- I've never once thought that Bella was ruining my life I am proud to say. I'm saving that all up for her teenage years.
  • Two days ago Hannah brought me a delightful little package that she had inadvertently tried to mail sans my address. It contained several treats which I cannot photograph because I presently lack self-control. (no, the cute journal is not working.) But the best part was a kitchen timer! I have been living without a kitchen timer for at least 5 years now. I don't know how I've done it, but those days are over. It's like a brand-new invention to me. I've already used it to put a time-limit on my cleaning endeavors to inspire me to clean faster and get it over with. Thanks Hannah, I love it!
  • I took Bella to the doctor this morning for a yeast infection, and she is officially on the growth charts! She actually weighs 19 1/2 pounds and is in the 10th percentile! She shot up like 20 percent! I don't know where that came from as she is still wearing 3-6 month pants as of this very day, but I think she might be bigger than Eva now! Miracles do happen.


Jill said...

I'm glad you scored at the big Old Navy clearance sale, I'm still not going to brave it. I hate crowds and am not willing to participate in that process.

It's probably a good thing you didn't go to Seven Peaks today, I was in poor form and didn't make things very enjoyable for Amie or Michelle. In case you didn't already know, it's really hot there and there are lots of scantily clad favorite.

michelle said...

Sounds like you found some good deals. Did you go to AF? I figure you must have, if you found cute baby stuff, because they had absolutlely nothing there only two days ago.

Go, Bella! Now she's taller and weighs more than Eva!

Anonymous said...

I only wish we would have bought more black pants...I seriously am thinking about going to the AF one again tomorrow to see what they have. Sheesh- I am a sucker for comfy, black, stretchy, on sale pants...and pj pants...and undershirts...and cute Mya clothes.

Alison said...

I am really in support of therapy, etc., but I know EXACTLY what you meant by your story. I have been in counseling and have been like, is that really me? haha

Congrats on the deals.

TX Girl said...

Great deals. For how big the city is, we only have one Old Navy and it takes FOREVER to get to- so... I don't know if I will brave it.

Counseling is always a good idea. It allows you to have a good check. Although- I hate it when people misinterpret what you are saying.

I'm glad Bella is getting bigger. Lulu is the same way-- she was 16 lbs at 1 and only hit the 20 lb mark at 18 months-- although we turned her carseat when she was 1. It was TOO HOT to not get her some air. I think Adam almost had a heart attak when they gave us the chart w/ and arrow and 3%.

Amie said...

I'm glad the sale was worth it. I love to figure out my average per item price. Even at the grocery store.

We will have to coordinate a mini blogger 7 Peaks day. Like we haven't revealed enough already, we should also see eachother in swimsuits.

rmt said...

Your psychologist sounds weird.
Score on the Old Navy clothes! Think how happy you will be next summer when Bella already has cute clothes to wear! Yay!
That sucks about your car. I just found out that it will cost around $500 to fix the AC in my car. I am fuming mad!

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