Friday, July 21, 2006

What a Champ!

{Warning: This post is about Smegel, thus it contains multiple images of him. But know this, this is your last warning. It should be said as a basic rule- If you read my blog, you also take the risk of seeing pictures of my cats. I'm sorry to say, they come hand-in-hand. So make your decision now,and show yourselves- will you continue to read and frequent my blog, or will you prove yourself to be a fair-pet friend and discontinue due to what some may deem images meant for mature audiences?}
In the last week I've babysat twice, something I try to keep to a bare minimum, but due to the need of friends, and my dislike of being selfish, I sucked it up and did the deed. I babysat. Twice. But these aren't your average kids- they're not bratty, or rude, or dirty. As far as babysitting goes, these kids are okay by me. They may actually be great.
I don't know if I would have made it through without Smegel- he is a real trooper, as I shall now demonstrate. Here are several incidences of love (abuse) being lavished on Smegel.

This is my neighbor and friend Mona's daughter Kaeli, holding Smegel in everyone's favorite position- on his back.

Yes, she's holding him around his neck.

This is Bridget's adorable daughter Elise- She is petite and beautiful like Bridget, so I just had to throw this one in here!

Apparently it is an unspoken rule that if given the chance, everyone will hold Smegel on his back. He takes it like a man. A man kitty.

He allows Bella to pull his tail, while simultaneously being held on his back by Elise.

And finally, he's had all he can take and he's braced and ready to run. This is after Joey repeatedly laid on top of him. It was the first time I've ever heard Smegel hiss at anyone, I think.
Typically, I let the kids have at Smegel as long as he is not being (visibly) hurt. I try to encourage them with words like, 'soft, soft', but mostly they fall on dumb ears. The kids also don't seem to understand that their repeated screaming and lunging at Mister isn't making him come around any faster. I think Mister has suffered enough psychological damage to fear kids for a lifetime. Let's just hope he doesn't avenge it on my laundry.
Everyone has a limit, right? Smegel just has a very high threshold and tolerance for annoyance. Unlike me. Which is why he is my babysitting pogner(partner), to help shoulder the burdens. Isn't that what we do in families? That is why Smegel has earned himself a place in the family, and that now it goes without saying again that I will feature pictures of him on my blog.


michelle said...

I guess that is a good thing about Smegel. Everyone needs a pogner (especially in babysitting).

Jill said...

I guess he's a champ, but he's still an acquired sight that I haven't quite acquired yet. (Though I do appreciate his chamois-smooth skin.)

Anonymous said...

I will admit that he is growing on me- Dobby is another story though...I love that Smegel is such a trooper and not easily annoyed. He has totally helped to bridge Mya's hesitation about being at your house- so I am all for it.

TX Girl said...

Ahh Smegel- he really did "take one for the team" when you were babysitting. Our cat is not nearly as committed to our family.

I love the disclamer. I will admit- it freaks me out, but it is probably more the name.. I just keep thinking about that ugly guy from the movie. Maybe that is why everyone is afraid of him.. they think of that little freak.

roastbeefstew said...

yeah if they were doing that to scout our Jack Russel Terrier she would have been all over those kids in a hurry.

rmt said...

Good for you for babysitting. I babysat Elise and Joseph once and they were pretty much perfect.
I think it's funny that kids love Smegel so much. Daniel adores him.

katie said...

I personally think he is the coolest cat. There is something about him that makes me just keep staring at him.

He has made a great place in the family.

Amy said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
claire said...

I think that Smegel has earned the red badge of courage for letting kids fall on him.
I may make a commemorative t-shirt for him. Or maybe a mug.

Amy said...

OK, I deleted my comment because I realized I might have asked a question that could reveal too much about the location of your home. Although we're a pretty safe group of commenters, you never know who else is reading what we write and I don't want to reveal anything unsafe!

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