Friday, July 07, 2006


Today I cleaned up after my Mega Cooking, and that's about it. This whole week I've allowed myself the luxury of decompressing from a wonderful vacation. I've actually been pretty productive, but have allowed myself to stay at home and be productive in the comfort of lounge clothes in a state I wouldn't be caught dead outside of my house in. Oh, my lucky, lucky husband. I suppose I'm soaking it all in because of a new church calling that will be made official on Sunday. There won't be a whole lot of rest once I officially take that on. I will update on Sunday as I have a couple of ward members that read my blog and I can't spoil the surprise/confidentiality of it! I have only known for about 48 hours and am still trying to wrap my brain around it.
Tonight Bella started playing Peek A Boo all by herself for the first time. She does it with blankets and stuff occasionally, but this was the first time with just her hands. Luckily, and to Timm's chagrin had he been here, I thought to grab my camera immediately!

Nevermind the fact that she looks nasty covered in snot and food and has fingernails that haven't been trimmed in I don't know how long! Love the close up!

Last Week in Charleston:

  • we were at the beach
  • I was starting to dread coming home
  • I was starting to realize my pants were getting ever tighter
  • I was loving life

The best dad with the best little girl.

Bella making a dive for the camera!

I LOVE this picture! 2 of my all-time favorite people: My mom, and my grandma who is like a mother to me as well. Just think of the scrapability of this photo with those ideal colors! Couldn't have composed it better myself. It doesn't hurt that they couldn't be cuter. Seriously, how many people envy their mother's and grandmother's style and cute factor? Not many, but I'd take theirs over mine any day. How sad for me. And fortunate too.


Diana said...

I can only guess what your calling is, but I think I know from knowing who recently got a new stake calling and what calling needs to be filled. All I can say is wow, if it's what I am thinking.
I am glad that you have had this week to rest and yet be productive. I've wanted to come over a few times but thought that you needed a recover week.

Kristi Brooke said...

I love your grandma and i don't even know her!

rmt said...

I love the picture of your grandma and mom. I'm speechless. Loving the photos of Timm and cute Bella as well.
I can't wait to hear about your new calling. I miss you anyway.

rmt said...

Forgot to say I think the peek-a-boo picture is priceless. Don't you just love waiting to see what she will do next?

michelle said...

That picture of Mom and Grandma is about the cutest thing ever. I'm gonna have to frame that one! Also, Bella doing peekaboo is darling.

roastbeefstew said...

could it be relief society pres or a young womans leader of some sort. our family is quite the cute and peculiar one.

dpw said...

I've GOT to have a copy of that picture of my mom and Susan! Way too cute, and you're right about the great scrapbook colors.

Good luck on the new calling--I'm going to try calling you later today.

Jill said...

Nice teaser about your calling, my mind is swirling with curiosity and possibilities. You better post immediately on Sunday or you could secretly email me, hmmmm.

The pictures are wonderful (I really wish you had a smugmug account) and there's no doubt that your mom and grandma (and Denise) are the cutest, most stylish role models ever.

cjw said...

I love the pictures! Bella is such a cute little person! Good luck with your new calling. You can do it--just dive on in!

Dad said...

Love the photos... (what a peek-a-boo cuttie) do you plan to post a 4 generation photo? (hint, hint). Good luck on the new will be good for you as well as for the ward.

Amie said...

I do think the secret e-mail is a good idea. I hate teasers (no patience) and was thinking if I had your number I would have to call and get the scoop. At least I am late to read and it is already Sat. afternoon.

I LOVE all the pictures you have been posting this week.

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