Thursday, July 06, 2006

Feet. Hurt. Tired. Getting Dumber...

This post will have to be short because it is getting very late (for me). Ever since I became a mother, my capacity for staying up even remotely late has waned- nay, I say stopped dead in it's tracks. How I ever pulled all-nighters while in school, I'll never know. Nowadays I like to be in bed by 9:30, and asleep by 10. Apparently that is a sign of old age, as well as using terms like 'Nowadays.'
In any event, I am very tired because I did my first 'Mega Cooking' toady in about 3 months. I got slothful and lazy as I am want to do, but pulled myself up by my bootstraps and made myself do it again. My feet are killing me because I have various bone problems that are real or imagined. The pain is real, the diagnosis' are self-invented, and having no formal training in podiatry, may be completely false. Nevertheless, my feet hurt. Timm refuses to rub them.
Bella was great 'help' today as I cooked, and I let her go through several kitchen cabinets I usually discourage her from in an effort to keep her happily occupied.

Today I made: Chicken Stir Fry, Chicken and Chickpea Chili, Orange-Crumbed Baked Chicken, Classic Spaghetti and Meatballs, Spicy Meat Loaf, Regular Meat Loaf, (A recurring theme- Timm is a big fan.) Pork Chops with Pineapple Chutney, Honey Mustard Pork Chops, and Beef, Bean, and Corn Bread Casserole.

I'm finally getting back into the swing of things after returning from our trip... If you have called or emailed and I haven't gotten back to you, please bear with me. I'm getting there, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can! I'm almost back in control, which is essential to happy frame of mind.

Last Week in Charleston:

  • I didn't have to cook 9 meals by myself with a crying baby clutching my legs
  • I was about 5 pounds thinner.
  • We played Scrabble, board games, and cards.
  • I ate too much good food. (Hence the 5 pounds heavier now...)
  • We went beach-combing.
  • We went swimming.
  • I didn't watch tv because of the good company.

Some favorite shots of Bella from paradise...

Timm reading to the girls: Bella & Eva.

(L to R: Mom, Emily, Michelle and Eva, Denise, Me and Bella, and grandma.)
4 generations of marvelous women. Incidentally and ideally, these women are also those whom I most love, admire, respect, and seek to emulate. How fortunate. I loved being gathered with all of my favorite people in the world. Our constant refrain was " Why can't we all live closer??" I miss them all. Even Michelle, and she only lives 5 or 10 miles from me. It was fun to see her everyday. We talk on the phone everyday, but it's not quite the same. I can't wait until we can all have our compound in the Celestial Kingdom- That's enough incentive for righteousness for me!!
(That and the whole truth of the Gospel thing.)


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the marathon cooking! The menu sounds so good and I am sure you will be thanking yourself for the troubles when you are eating well the next couple weeks.

More painfully cute pictures and I like the one of the generations- we tried to do one like that before Linc's grandma died last fall but she never felt good enough to take it. I think pictures like that are so cool for some reason. I hope the ache for your family continues to lessen.

Alison said...

I think you cooked more yesterday than I have in my whole life. My mind has been successfully blown!

I am still enjoying your Charleston pictures and your sister is right, you are freakishly photogenic.

jenn said...

I am dying to know more about your dinner freezing process and how that works! Can you freeze anything? Do you pre-cook it, thaw it before cooking, keep elements seperate or all assembled? It just might revolutionize dinner time at my house if I took a day to make all the meals!! Please share!!!

TX Girl said...

I loved the compound in the celestial kingdom. Adorable.

Jill said...

I'm amazed every time you do your marathon cooking day. That sounds so awful. I don't like the thought of standing there all day, planning it all, or actually making all the food, but I do like the idea of having all the meals in the freezer. (Yet another example of my inability to invest in delayed gratification.) It's great that you do that.

You are definitely photogenic in a painful-to-the-rest-of-us sort of way. The Charleston pictures are wonderful, and I love the idea of a compound in the Celestial Kingdom. Can I be a neighbor?

cjw said...

I always find it difficult to jump back into real life after a fun vacation. (As compared with a not-as-fun "vacation" ie- Girls Camp I'm way ready to have a normal, clean life!) I usually have to have a day or so of lounging and blah-ness before I can really get back into my daily groove. Well, congratulations on the successful cooking marathon and once again, the pictures of Bella are SO cute!

roastbeefstew said...

wow 9 food dishes. i don't think i could ever make that many in one go especially with an icredibly cute baby crying at my feet.

rmt said...

I love the generations picture. Such beautiful classy women in your family.

All of your recipes sound delicious! Good job on your marathon cooking! Now you get to sit back, relax, and reap the benefits.

I think it is mean that Timm won't rub your feet after all your hard work cooking good food for him (two meatloaf dishes even!)

Maren said...

I question why you had to cook so much food really but o.k

michelle said...

I can't believe your cooking marathons. I just don't have the energy to cook from dawn til dusk... By the way, I want the recipe for pork chops with pineapple chutney, that sounds so yummy!

While I was happy to see one of the generational photos, I was dismayed to see that it was one that Timm took from the most horrible angle possible! Please tell me you have one from a better vantage point... I love the pic of Timm reading to the babies, though.

I too look forward to when we can all finally live together in our compound. It's almost enough to make you look forward to dying!

dpw said...

I'm already planning my house in the compound. I hope I get a bigger kitchen than I currently have.

Ditto Michelle--why the horrid angle photo?! I feel like a pink-clad giantess!

So jealous of the cooking marathon results. I just hate to start menu planning again.....

Claudissima said...

wonderful to have family and all of you so handsome, I wonder what the right angle will produce!

Elisa said...

I don't think you know me, I am Kristi's cousin. I have been reading your blog for a few months now. I also want to know about the freezer meals. I just went to "My Girlfriend's Kitchen" today and spent $200 for 24 meals (small 3 serving meals). I love the idea but the cost is hurting me. Tell me more more more

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