Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dilema of Embarrassing Proportions

Day 3 of the Core Plan. It's going well, but I need to research some recipes so I'm not always eating plain fruits and vegetables. It gets old. Plus, my family may prefer more variety or actual meals.
But I have a real problem. NOTHING fits me. I am not exagerating. This is painful for my soul to bear, but barring pregnancy I am the heaviset I have ever been. I am in unchartered territory, thus in my mutiple sizes of clothing, I do not have such to accomodate me in present form. Seriously, nothing. People who have the misfortune of seeing me can attest to this fact. Now if it were up to me, I would be happy to while away my time in my forgiving lounge clothes, while dieting, waiting for my body to fit back into former jeans. (Okay, maybe not happy, buy I could deal with it for a little while.) I would limit social engagements, and when neccessary, my friends and family would be understanding. When I need to run errands I would wear my stupid workout clothes and people would wrongly assume that maybe I was on my way to or from the gym. Silently they would think to themselves either, ' Good for her.' Or something more like, 'Good for her. She needs it.' Good thing they don't talk to me. (By the way, my workout clothes include various t-shirts aquired while working at PetCo- Such as Science Diet dog food and Strut your Mutt. They're pretty much awesome.)
However- I am not in complete control of my life and every thing that intercedes with it. Damn.
In a week and a half, Timm has a family reunion that we will be attending for 4 days. What am I to do? Pretend that it's normal that I'm wearing this bizarre garb when I've never worn anything like this in public? It's definately a change from my usual style. Not that they are the fashion mavens of the world, but I can't look like ... this. Whatever this is.

{I realize that I'm not morbidly obese, it's just as heavy as I've ever been, and as you can tell my current dilema is the lack of clothes.}

What am I to do?

Maybe I could wear a sandwich board that says

thus covering the body and explaining at the same time, eh?

I'm off to Michelle's to watch Eva. Really Bella and Eva just watch shows, eat snacks, and play. I'm going to bring my quilt to work on. :)


Karli said...

Keep on doing good for that week and a half and you may just surprise yourself! Do you feel comfortable in any skirts? That is one thing I've done when I've felt yuck in my jeans; just worn a skirt & a sweater...

You're so dang cute that I think people will not focus on what you're wearing, but rather the fact that you always look so cute...You just exude niceness & smiles. Keep us posted on your progress!

Love, Karli

Diana said...

I love hanging out with you every day when we can and honestly I never really think about what you are wearing.
i understand your dilema though, I've been there after the babies. It's frustrating wearing the same clothes over and over. Too bad were not boys I think Lou would wear the same clothes every day if he didn't work and go to school, if he was a stay at home mom he'd wear his winchester shirt and black shorts every day.
see ya tonight.

mom said...

I say dresses are the ticket! There are so many cute sundresses around (I just got a way cute one a Penneys of all places, choc with large mum-like flowers, it's cotton and empire waist, so who can tell how much I weigh??!! Of course I will wear it with a Tshirt to cover the arms, etc but it is way cute and there are lots of cute dresses everywhere....I just sent some funds to help with the WW weekly, but maybe you could take a portion to use for a dress!! And of course , I agree that you are so too too cute and engaging that I'm sure Timm's family will not be distracted by your lack of wardrobe......btw, where is this reunion???? You may have to break down and buy a pair of jeans that fits, or capris to wear with your piggly-wiggly shirt!
Ta-ta, I'm leaving work for the first night before10:00 this week! Love you-at any weight!

Amie said...

I just saw you and thought you looked great. It's hard to believe that is your heaviest (not in a rude way, I just wouldn't have even used the word 'heavy' - is it too much to put the size out there? Perhaps we could share with you. I have a variety of sizes myself and unfortunately did not top out anywhere near your size.)

(If you make a sandwich board - maybe you could share that with me. I am officially embarrassed that I put it out there for all to see that I am pretending I am trying when it is so obvious to others that I am not trying very hard!)

Good luck to you. You would have me nervous if I hadn't just seen you.

michelle said...

Here's what you need to do: come to my house and sort through all of my clothes that don't fit me. I'm sure you'll find something or other!

amie's comment is funny. And if you do make sandwich boards, I could probably use one too.

Kim said...

I have been randomly checking your blog since August in hopes you would start posting again! When I clicked on it today, I actually said "She's Back!" (out loud, in an excited voice)
Bella has gotten so big and still so cute! Did you hear that Christina is engaged-getting married in July? I may try to come out for the wedding and I hope I get to see you!
Also, Mitch is going to have a sibling in October. I'm expecting again!
Good to have you back!

Kim said...

Okay, so I just read Hannah's post...
where are you moving??????

Anonymous said...

I think that finding/buying a pair of jeans that fit is the best advice yet. Even if you're heavier than you want to be, a cute pair of jeans that fit can do wonders. Levi's makes some that claim to "flatten/slim the tummy!" I got a pair in a dark wash and really like them--I think the number is 512, and they were about $30 at Sears. (and I don't want to hear you say, "yeah, but they wouldn't look that good on me!" You just might be surprised!)

Also, watch What Not to Wear on TLC. Stacy and Clinton always have good tips for figure flattering styles for all types of figures--not just the super slim ones.

dpw said...

Ooops--that "anonymous" was me, I just clicked my mouse too soon.

annalisa said...

My sister is a personal trainer/nutrition consultant (she puts people on a diet & exercise program) and here are some things I learned from her (and lost 2 sizes in the process):
Eat every 2-3 hours (6-7x daily). It boost your metabolism so you go through your food instead of storing it. I have found the more I eat (and more often) the easier it is to stay thin. So even if you eat a ton one meal, in 3 hours eat something little just to stimulate your metabolism.
Make sure every meal has protein and carbs (plus some fat) and always fruit or veggie. Of course, the more natural the better. Your last meal of the day should be heavy protein and low carbs.
Those tastes will kill you. I didn't realize how much I was taking a bite off someone else's food (especially my daughters) until I couldn't. You can add a lot of calories with those extras.
Mix up your workout routine every week so your body keeps guessing. If it becomes acclimated to your routine it won't work. Lift as well as do cardio (lifting can be light and at home with a band and ball).
Ok, sorry to badger you with all this advice, but it helped me and I hope it can help you too.

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