Sunday, April 15, 2007


Just some random thoughts bouncing around in my head. I'm sure you're all dying to know what they are- the things I think about when I'm trying to fall asleep, which thanks to my latest artillery of drugs, doesn't take too long anymore.

  • Smegel has a sunburn. I know you are laughing, so I won't bother to tell you not to. I don't know why I didn't foresee this problem. The kitties like to go outside and sun and explore when Bella's in the back playing. Yesterday he and Dobby were on a lawn chair for some time before I called them in. Later I noticed Smegel's head and back looked red, but they commonly do after he wakes up. He gets all hot and sweaty. But then I noticed like an hour later it was still that way, and the folds of his skin were unaffected- they remained white. Poor Smegel. I guess it's sunscreen for him from now on. Now he really is a 'pink cat'. (Kids have referred to him as 'pink' in the past.)Luckily Dobby was spared because of her freakish amount of hair that amounts to more every day.

  • Mister. I'm sure some of you will remember Mister and his delightful antics of peeing on various places in my house, particularly our laundry. Yeah, so he hasn't stopped. It's completely sporadic. Add to that he now throws up grass all over the carpet from his romps outside. I've decided that I am not moving with this cat. It will be a lot easier to move with the 2 little ones, and I don't want a new (to me) house sullied by amonia-reeking cat urine. (Apparently I do have limits.) So, anyone know a nice childless couple or a nice widow/er who wants him? He's very nice and pretty andnly pees out of jealously towards Bella and the other cats. Seriously, I need a solution. If not, does anyone know anyone who 'takes care of problems?'
  • I'm really excited because Timm bought me a book on rug-braiding. I decided a few months ago that I wanted to take up the craft, if it was still in existence. My discovery of 'braiders' was somewhat like Michelle's quilting story when she realized it was no dying art, only on a smaller scale. I'm really excited, but I have one problem that keeps plaguing my mind. I guess I'm just one of those people who finds something to stress out about if nothing else presents itself. I don't know why- anxiety, over-thinking? Anyway, my fear is this: How will I ever have enough time in my life to do all the things I want to do?How can I pursue my own selfish and unselfish endeavors to my satisfaction and still be a good wife and mother? Even if I accomplish this to some degree, there will always be more quilts, rugs, or albums I want to make. I'm having a life-crisis because I'm realizing my own mortality as it pertains to crafts. Do you think in heaven I can still make stuff? Like, I know it's all perfect and everything, and we will obviously create... I know I'll be perfectly happy whether I braid rugs in heaven or not, but my mortal self needs the assurance of more time, so I don't go berserk trying to make everything possible before I die, because that could be tomorrow! Forget me husband, would he remarry, who would take care of my children- the burning question is- "But can I still CRAFT with my hands?!" ooo... because our bodies will be perfect, maybe I'll have like thimble fingers so I won't have the cracking, bleeding, and callouses I do now from sewing.
  • I still have nothing to wear. I will try to raid Michelle's things when I am at her house on Sunday.


dpw said...

I have often pondered that same question myself (the one about crafting in heaven, not the one about what to do with peeing cats). Like you, I know that I'll be happy whatever I get to do, but I can't help but think that we'll get to do something creative--whether it's braiding rugs, compiling albums, or finishing geneology (admittedly the latter doesn't sound quite as enticing as the former)--I know not. I'm just glad to have faith in The Plan.

As for having time in this life for everything I like to do--forget it! I keep redefining what "normal" is in terms of my life, my responsibilities, and my expectations. It's an evolving process.

mom said...

I guess I'm pretty overwhelmed with both your comments and Denise's!!I'm pretty sure that the things that MOSTLY preoccupy my life and time are not the same things that the Lord will have me doing celestially. Maybe I'll be able to figure out how to mother Ryan better....but I have it in my visionary mind that whatever I do I will be happy and less stressed! And I would think that we'll have time for the things that will be before us! I expect our activities to be fulfilling (eternal motherhood sounds alittle daunting though.....)
I'm glad to hear you've decided not to take a problem cat! Moving can be stressful on its own! Try to get a plan soon. It will be easier.
As far as the wardrobe, there are so many cute tops that are "extra-pound friendly"! Smock looks, full gathered strappy things to wear over Tshirts, check Target . Banana Republic has some cute ones. I've found them to be quite good disguises!!! Cute sundresses too that we can wear over T's. Good luck and good night.

Amie said...

I have often said, "I wish there were a hobbie I didn't want." It makes me crazy. I think I really am interested in almost everything. I feel your pain, I have gotten better at saying no though. I have to or I make myself even more nuts. There really isn't enough time for everything, then when I hear talks on the good things vs. essential things... It is hard - I know they are good things but I also feel the panic of the essential things. As you can see I don't have a solution but I can talk forever!

I'm sure you can guess I am all for not taking the cat. Unfortunately I do have connections to take care of unwanted 'things' but then I feel the guilt that he does not.

ps - I am glad you are back but are you glad I am back? I feel like a random crazy lady invaded your blog with way too much to say.

Jill said...

Oh Jessie, I'm so glad you're blogging again. I've missed your humorous ways.

Kitty sunburn, for real? You failed to mention that he smells like scrambled eggs when he's all sweaty and gross. Yuck!

I can't believe Mister is still peeing all over and that you're going to give him to someone else. I can understand why, I'm just not sure how you're going to convince that other person. (Of course, you are The Badger so I'm sure you can do it.)

I have never once thought of my own mortality in terms of crafting. I have thought about running out of time because there are things I still want to do/make, but I have never wondered if I would still be able to make things in heaven. Oh my.

amy m said...

I have wondered that same question before and hope in a heaven where we are perfect and our minds are free that we will be able to create. How could we not right?

I must admit I did laugh about smegel's sunburn, not because it's funny, but it is unbelievable that it could happen to a kitty.

I'm with jill I have missed your humorous ways.

michelle said...

So, you need someone who 'takes care of problems', eh? Highly intriguing. I think it's a good decision not to take Mister. You've been waffling about his peeing ways for far too long.

I'm surprised you discovered Smegel's sunburn, since I do think of him as pink already.

I think about never having enough time to do all the things I want to do constantly. It's kind of the burning issue in my life, actually. Since I can't seem to limit myself as to things I want to do, I may have to resign myself to never having enough time...

michelle said...

p.s. it's a much better problem to have than being bored!

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