Friday, June 22, 2007

Jaunting Off!

Just a note to say that first thing in the morning I am off to Charlotte, NC to house-hunt! I am going alone- without child or companion and carefree. I'm taking full advantage of reading, napping, and even scrap time as I fly alone for the first time since having kids. I hope all goes very smoothly in searching for a home since we are moving in just about a month. (Incidentally, each day I get increasingly nervous and question whether this moving idea is so hot... Reality is setting in, but that's a post for another time.) I will try to frequently upload pictures of my home choices for your opinions and votes-
p.s. Some of you may want to periodically stop by to make sure Timm is managing okay and not just playing his favorite computer game 24/7- This is the most freedom he's probably had in years, and he's now an official college graduate!! (As of yesterday.)


michelle said...

Sounds like a true vacation to me! Ah, the reading, the napping! Can't wait to see photos. Congrats to Timm! What a great accomplishment.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the house picks. I am so glad you are getting this little vacation right now- so fun. Congrats to Timm! I hope he gets some free time in there as well!

Beatrix Kiddo said...

Congrats to Timm!!!! That is so awesome!

Diana said...

Have fun. I thought of you this morning and pictured you relaxing on the plane.
I too am looking forward to pictures of the houses you see.
I'll make sure Lou goes over but maybe that'll just encourage Timm to play more Armadillo Run :)
I am wearing my new outfit and it looks so cute, thanks for helping me pick it out!

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