Friday, July 20, 2007

Day Camp

Another attempt in delaying my tear-inducing thoughts...
I have been going over Michelle's house every day this week for what I have come to think of as Day Camp. (To which Michelle responded that it was much better than Scout Day Camp.)
We've done errands together, scrap a lot, play with the girls, ignore the girls while they play together, watch a couple shows or movies, hang out with her cute boys,snack, and a lot of talking.

I asked the boys to take some pictures with me, and being the sweet ones that they are, they complied. I hate when I think I look a certain way, I feel okay, even comfortable about it, and then I see reality documented in a photograph and I reel from the horror of it. (No comments neccesary, I just like to vent.) Worst of all is Hannah videotaping yesterday. If I didn't love her so much, I would probably shun her- Amish style. Just what I need to see- the weird way I move my mouth when I talk, the expressions I make, the sound of my voice. There's no hiding from the realities of yourself on video- and that's why I told her I must NEVER see that tape. I think it may send me reeling into a crisis of institutional proportions. Even on a good day.
But I digress... The boys are cute, and that's what matters.
The Creative Process/Mess.

I've enjoyed making many art journal pages- Maybe I'll post some of them later. I love my art journals. They are my favorite albums I've ever made, the most fun, the most gratifying, perhaps the most useful at times. I think everyone should keep an art journal of some kind. They can vary so widely and are so personal/subjective that it's something everyone can do with little or no supplies, and with any style or purpose or skill level. I am an advocate.

Mya counseling Bella about the virtues of sharing. The car is a favorite. I think Bella needs one for our new house/driveway.

It's 104 degrees and the pool is full of cool water just a few feet from her, but Bella enjoys long stints 'driving' the car. (motionless) If she thinks of getting out to go int he water and Mya even makes a motion in her general direction she flees back to the car to save her position. She loves the water, so it's even weirder. I wouldn't expect anything else from her. Weirdo.

A sometimes rare moment of harmony.

Michelle's boys Max and Lucas are more attentive than you can imagine a 12 and almost-8 year old to be capable of. They are sweet and competent babysitters to their sister and cousin, and seem to genuinely enjoy their company as well as eachothers. It's no surprise since these 2 boys are remarkable in most every way. I suppose that is Michelle's reward for her small children who seem to want to 'own' her.

Kaylee doing her part as the unusually docile and sweet baby. When awake, she usually just hangs out silently watching the goings on of the household. She only asserts her will and cries when she becomes hungry or tired. She is good company and a good baby-advocate.

One more day of Day Camp with Michelle and Hannah and all the kids on Monday. Then we will take many adult pictures regardless of our feelings of self-worth and beauty that day. We'll just use especially good lighting, poses, and angles.


Anonymous said...

This post is sad- I know it is not meant to be that way though. Day camp has been great. In addition to the playmates for Mya and myself, I have been able to neglect my house but feel okay about it because I am not here. Win/win, eh?

I agree about the art journal- I am kicking myself for not starting mine sooner. I love yours and feel sad that I won't get to look through it anymore.

I promise I won't post the video- I watched it and it was just cool to hear you and see the girls playing.

I am looking forward to Monday, but dreading it also. So soon? Next week? How? There has to be more time! I have this panicked feeling.

Anonymous said...

Oh- and I want to smack you. You are way too cute with the boys. You wouldn't say all that crap to a friend, so don't say it to yourself. Sheesh woman.

Jill said...

Hannah makes a very good point. Don't be meaner to yourself than you would be to your friends or children -- a lesson I want to keep in the forefront of my mind.

I too am lamenting the coming end -- all too soon -- of day camp.

Oh, and I'm so thrilled that there seems to be a reward to having children that want to own me!

michelle said...

oops. That was me again!

Crystalyn said...

what a very fun day...being creative and enjoying each other's company. i love the idea of an art journal! i have always pushed the thought aside because i, of course, "am not artistic." maybe i should give it a try.

you really are so hard on yourself. you are BEAUTIFUL! maybe you feel like me when you see pictures and reel back in horror thinking, "THAT is what i look like? i even tried that day!" i'm not kidding when i tell you that i was looking at a pic jill posted on her blog wondering who this particular person was for several seconds before realizing it was ME! can you imagine?

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