Friday, July 20, 2007

Happy Things

In lieu of a more thoughtful post that I have brewing, and in fact kept me awake crying last night- I will post a few of my favorite things lately. Just for fun.
First of all is Etsy. I can't believe no one ever told me about this! What have I been missing? I am now obsessed. I never want to buy another gift from any retailer again- only handmade art from individuals on Etsy. I love seeing the enormous spectrum of creativity and art that abounds. It is very inspiring. Not to mention fun. I want a lot of things. Such as:

Okay, this doesn't do any justice whatsoever, but it is a beautiful picture that I want framed for my kitchen. I even know exactly where I would put it. So pretty, makes me happy just to look upon it.

I'm basically just smitten with this. Owls are in, but I think even after the owl fad has sailed it's ship, I will still be smitten with this pendant. I am a friend to the animals. Basically I want this for my everyday necklace. I am pining.

Also loving the robot, and the squirrel.

These images are crappy, so go see this seller's stuff.
This guy makes amazing books.
Such as:

Also, as Michelle posted, I am obsessed with Pandora. See Michelle's Post for details.

Those are my happy things for now. Check them out.


Hannah said...

Etsy does leave one pining- I quit looking everyday- just a few times a week.

I am sad you were up last night and so upset- I am just sad period lately.

Jill said...

I have never allowed myself to fully explore Etsy -- it seems like a black hole (of goodness!). I am in love with that book and am determined to learn how to make one like that!

michelle said...

What? No mention of KSL? (btw, the above comment was me, I was at Jill's house and forgot to switch accounts!)

Crystalyn said...

YOU should start selling your brilliant creations on etsy!

mom said...

There are entirely too many unknowns in this world of....well, what in the world is "etsy"???

Another retirement exploration, I suppose.

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