Friday, July 13, 2007

Happenings and Creations

Hannah, Linc, Timm and I went to see the latest installment of Harry Potter on opening day. (or 'Harry Monster' according to Eva...) It was quite a treat- I am not one for spoilers, so all I will say is that it did not disappoint at all, and as a testament to it's quality, I never once wondered when it would be over, which I always do no matter how much I like a movie. (Also, I use way too many commas and don't really know what to do about it except that I think it accurately reflects the way I talk. Or ramble as the case may be.)

The first (and possibly last for a while anyway) picture of the 4 of us.

Here are the latest pages I did in my art journal- I whipped these all up tonight while Hannah was over in an attempt to put some of my ideas on paper before all my paper gets packed up.
Excuse the blurriness, but I don't have the best lighting on my couch after midnight, and I never have the best patience to wait for better light.


REALLY blurry 'Style'.


'30 lbs' (Have you ever known a bigger stickler for documentation? That's me in a bathing suit on the web. And no one wants to see it. Least of all me. But in all fairness, I do like the page. Just not the subject matter.)

'Naked mole rat'

And because you all know what an animal lover I am, Lou (Diana's husband and our friend as well-)brought me 3 skulls. Maybe I should take this opportunity to stress that I am a LIVE animal lover. Even though I am a very curious person I am not so much a lover of animal bones- at least in my house. At around midnight he and Diana showed up on my doorstep with 3 different animal skulls. (Buffalo, cow, and deer.) When he asked where I wanted him to put them I stood silent and stock still for an indeterminable amount of time before stammering, 'oh... you're serious.'
They're for Timm to dismantle and turn. They're also on the back porch. Outside. Untouched by me.


michelle said...

Seriously, you just whipped all these up last night? You amaze me. I'm glad you posted them! (And, no, I've never known such a stickler for documentation. You will never catch me scrapping a page with me in a swimsuit! Much less putting it on the internet...)

p.s. I think I can rival you for comma use!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you stayed up after I left and blogged- you weren't kidding with the hiper thing.

I loved watching the creative process you have- all your layouts are so amazing as usual and on the way home I felt this pang of sadness once again knowing that our scrap nights are almost to an end.

Diana said...

That's a pretty picture of all of you. We need a picture of the four of us. I think the only picture I have of timm is him eating chips and cheese :)
I am so glad Timm was very excited about his skulls.

Robin said...

the naked mole rats are awesome.


(as are the other layouts, of course)

Jill said...

The self-portrait of the 4 of you is darling, what a cool thing to have. I wish I would have been in to self-portraits back in my younger days, because there's just something so endearing and fun about them.

I know exactly what you mean about comma usage because I so the same thing. I always proof read my posts and wonder if I'm a grammatical mess, but then I comfort myself by remembering that this is how I talk and that it makes sense to me.

I love your scrapbook pages and am so delighted that you're posting them again (it's been too long without them). I love your honesty and uninhibited way of creating. It's inspiring!

charlotte said...

I loved the new HP movie! It was so good! And I am most impressed with the art journal pages you cranked out; I started my own art journal (an endeavor inspired by you of course) and I'm having lots of fun with it!

mom said...

Cool and creepy! That's all I can say......

llamaly said...

hey, i just caught up on reading your posts! i finally understand what timm was telling me last night about skulls and naked mole rats. i love feeling part of the goings on of your life. i can't wait to see you!

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