Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Zoo Trip

Bella and I met Rachelle and Daniel at the Hogle Zoo yesterday for his birthday- here's a recap:

The penguins were my favorite. Have you ever seen penguins swim? They're so cool- they're like torpedoes! They would all huddle on the rocks and then with some unspoken, unsounded signal they would all dive into the water one after another. They would pivot and swivel and dart around the water wildly and then trek back up the rocks.
When they waddled up the rocks they actually made cool waddling sounds. They flap, flap, flapped their little wet wings and slapped their little wet feet upon the hot rocks. I loved them.

It was so hot I even envied them their murky green feather and feces filled pool.

Love those eyes-they're the only thing in focus on this bouncing, bubbly girl.
This is Rachelle's niece Haylee who took a liking to Bella and helped to entertain and feed her. Despite Bella's disturbed expression she also took a liking to Haylee.
Bella overlooking the elephants. She's into animals, and luckily not afraid of any of them so far, but she doesn't quite show the same enthusiasm for them that I do. I don't know that I can really expect anyone to show the same animal enthusiasm that I do, but I hope she does someday. Like I said, at least she's not afraid of anything- bugs, lizards, snakes, everything included.


Hannah said...

Those penguins are so cute! I am glad (for both your sake and Bella's) that she is not afraid of creatures. I think it is pretty cool to see how kids respond to animals and think they can learn so much from seeing and taking care of them. I just need to really come to terms with that and accept that we should get Pinkie :)

Jill said...

I don't even want to think about how hot and smelly the zoo probably was. (I'm a fall or spring only zoo-goer.)

It's nice that Bella has no fear. I'm sure she'll pick up your love of animals along the way.

michelle said...

I'm glad that Bella has no fear. I'm really not afraid of bugs (except for 'pedes), so I'm not sure where Eva got her freaking over any and all bugs. I have to admit to being a little sicked out that you were envying the penguins their murky water. And I don't know that anyone could ever be as excited about animals as you, but here's hoping!

Diana said...

Cute pictures. How any of your children could be afraid of animals would be a mystery to me. So glad Bella isn't. Kira is not afraid of animals at the zoo but give her a little kitty and you've seen the results.
Have fun at Harry Potter, wish I could go with you: )

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