Friday, September 07, 2007

3rd Post of the Day!!

I was really hoping to have some pictures to post of my progress with the house, but alas... It always seems like 1 step forward, 2 steps back. I hate to sound like I'm always complaining, but...I am a complainer. And I do not deal well with stress, chaos, disorder, disappointment, patience. So I'm in a really good place right now obviously.
For instance, I spent the majority of my day working on the kitchen so see it to near completion. I cleaned the whole thing which while small in size, is still a big project due to the construction detritus everywhere. I cleaned it all, decorated, and scrubbed my sink for a good while trying to get all the paint out. In the end, Timm had to help me dissolve it with straight acetone.
Cut to now- Timm is still working on the soffet, and even though we draped drop cloths wherever we could, the dust from mudding and sanding the drywall is insidious. No surface is impervious to its coating. Timm obviously has to do this process, and is doing it for me, but I just see my whole day's work not going to waste, but putting me back a little bit. I just get overwhelmed easily and dramatize things. First I'm stressed because there's dust everywhere, then its all the furniture I still have to paint, then I think about all the trim painting, then the countless touch-ups and the garage, and AUghhhhh!!!!! I am not good for myself.
Still, I will have photos to post by the end of this week.
And can I say one more time for the record that I hate doing this largely by myself? Anything is better on the buddy system- not to mention faster. Plus it just points out that I have no buddy to help me :( If I were at home, I mean- in Utah, I would have Hannah and Michelle to help during the days, or scrap nights with Hannah to ease the frustration, or Office marathons and junk food at the Allens...Alas I digress. I do enjoy all the family time we are enjoying- it is uncharted territory for us.

Tonight the 3 of us went to the pool for what we thought would be the last time. There was an adult pool party tonight to close the Pool season, sadly. It started at 7, so we went at 5 so we'd have plenty of time before the Adult Swim. Blast! The pool was closed until the party, and I'm pretty sure as of tonight it is closed for the season. I had made a big deal of telling Bella that it was the 'Last Swim' until Next Year! I'm sure she didn't quite understand, but she knew it wasn't good. We went to our friends the Gilers to see if we could go to one of their 4 neighborhood pools (yep-4)but we were foiled again. Blast.

Anyway, per request her are some better pictures of Bella so you can gauge her size better! The first is happy Bella posing for the camera, the latter are her obviously yelling: 'No! I don't like it the pictures! I don't like it!'
So there she is.


michelle said...

I thought she was protesting the inability to go swimming! I hope for your sake that you can get the construction/painting done soon.

Hannah said...

She is big- sigh. The no more swimming sucks. We have some bacteria in the water here so kids under 5 haven't been able to go! We just told Mya that swimming ended with school starting so not only did she lose all her friends but she also lost her ability to swim with dad. Nice aren't I?

Hope the dust settles soon...

charlotte said...

She's so cute! I'm sorry you're so overwhelmed with the house and such--I hope it all goes fast for you.

Diana said...

I miss you so so much. Last night when we got home from a family BBQ I was thinking all I want to do is have Timm and Jessie come over, turn on the Office for background noise but really just talk to Jessie. Then reality struck me and yep I realized that would be quite an expense for you and Timm to fly out just for a few hours at our house and my guess is the monitor probably wouldn't work :)
It still gets me on Sunday nights that you can't come over.
Bella is oh so big there must be something in the water down south to make her grow. She looks so cute in her swimsuit. I love the pigtails and the curls. Anytime Kira pulls out her swimsuit she says look mommy my green swimsuit, did you know Bella has the same one!
Love you.

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