Monday, September 10, 2007

Prettier than BUgs.

Yesterday was a momentous occasion for me. It was a first since I have been in NC.

I did my hair.
(chorus of angels singing)
Seriously that was the first time I had dried my hair since we got here. I usually try to make some kind of effort with my hair, but it always includes a headband, a rubber band, and wet hair. Having this unfortunate condition of over-heating, I have not even considered taking an instrument forcing hot air at high velocity to my head. It's just not going to happen. It's not only the fact that upon finishing, my hair would instantly curl back up at the smallest bead of sweat. It's not just the fact that I sweat as I am drying my hair, thus creating an impractical and vicious cycle. It is not that I am so hot I cannot even stand to have it on my neck after it is done. It is all of these things. What was the occasion, you ask? I had to speak in church. There's nothing like making a first impression standing alone, speaking, trying to actually impart knowledge, on display in front of a large critical crowd to urge me towards better care of my appearance. Since I couldn't lose the 35 pounds I've gained, within the week (maybe 30, but not 35.)I couldn't dye my eyebrows darker, or clear my complexion, or vanish my pasty, often mysteriously bruised legs, I did what I could. Straighten my hair and wear a pretty dress.

That's actually not totally posed- I am looking a little sheepish b/c Timm was waiting for me in the car to leave for church and he caught me posing in the well-lit doorway. And of course I took these in the most flattering light, the very best angles- you know, only look at half my face, and like you are a towering giant so my figure seems to dissapear as it nears the floor. It's really deceiving. But my posterity won't know any difference- they'll think I was cute. (Wa ah ah ah ..)
*take special note of bleached eyebrows and very, very long hair.
Timm bought me a new dress at Target the night before and surprised me with it. He did a good job- It's so comfortable and easy to wear. Well, easy since I wore a v-neck under what it intended to be a tube-top. How on earth does anyone above an A cup keep those on? I am well beyond an A, but I think it would give anyone trouble. There were alot of adjustments I felt I was constantly making, but I still liked it. In fact, I got spastically friendly and welcome compliments on my whole person by the Sister Missionaries. (who happened to be the cutest companionship of sisters I've ever seen.) I loved church yesterday, even though I had to speak. (What's the deal? I've been in the ward maybe 6 weeks and already I've helped in nursery twice, taught 2 Young Women's classes, made favors for Enrichment, am committed to helping in a stake activity, attended a stake activity, spoken in church, and accepted a calling. more to come on that...)
And how did I fare with heat? Very well. It happened to be a little cooler than usual, and I took my time getting ready and had the ceiling fan full-blast while I dried. I had to spread my hair out off of my neck and lay under the fan before I could use a flat-iron. Until we left for church I made small and slow movements and tried not to get excited. Once we were sitting on the stand I started to lift my hair and hold it up. Not wanting to look like a freak, I said a prayer that I could cool down. Then I concentrated on cool, easy thoughts and chanted like a mantra, 'it is very comfortable in here. I think I feel a breeze'. It worked well enough. I may even dry it again some time.
I enjoyed my church experience more than I have in years...I felt so much more at home with the members in this ward than I ever felt from a ward as a whole In Utah. It's a good fit. There seems to be plenty of 'Sunday friends' that I could make, but I can't determine any friends beyond the Relief Society hour yet. The only people I have thought about is some single girl in the singles ward who I haven't even talked to and the Sister Missionaries who aren't allowed anything not missionary-y and are here for an undetermined amount of time before they go home. I couldn't really 'hang' out with them, but we talked about devising 'service projects' where they could come over and help me with stuff.
I may have came off a little strange when I filled out the getting -to-know -you sheet... I wasn't really thinking about the purpose, and figured the presidency would just use it in getting to know me better. Turns out they use it to spotlight you in the monthly newsletter. I should have seen that coming. Maybe I wouldn't have answered "what was your most embarrassing moment?" with: " My whole life is a series of embarrassing moments strung together with a few redeeming ones. My daily life and my inability to manage it is an example of embarrassing.
Or when they asked what my dream job would be, maybe I would not have said 'Cat Collector (not-crazy.)' For interesting facts about me I may have chosen other things than I am a high school drop out that owns hairless cats...
Don't worry- I definately have not met any scrap buddies with whom I can share ideas, weekly sessions, and supply-swapping.
I have not met anyone I can see watching The Office with and eating snacks (me doing most of the eating...)
I do not have any play date friends, or local friends I can call and easily talk to for over an hour.
And I definately do not have another sister.
All the better. I keep you all close at hand and in my heart.


Hannah said...

You look ridiculously good- great angle my dear. But really, we have discussed this and even your 'bad' pictures are still pretty good. Wicked and painfully cute come to mind.

Glad the talk went well and that you are feeling at home in your ward. I am glad I haven't been replaced, but you know that I need you to make friends- you know that! Take your time- but it is inevitable that your greatness will be discovered :)

michelle said...

I loved the play-by-play of straightening your hair -- all so painfully familiar to me. But at least yours looks really good when it's done! Mine still looks frizzy and as soon as I leave the house it starts degenerating immediately.

So what's the new calling? I can't believe you didn't tell me on the phone. What a tease.

I'm glad you haven't found a new sister, but I certainly would like you to find some friends to hang out with and scrap with (have you contacted Donna Downey yet??).

charlotte said...

You look so cute! And that's awesome about doing your hair--I always find I feel better about myself when I take the time (however hot and/or time consuming) to do my hair and get ready.

I'm glad your talk went well and you're so cute you're bound to make friends soon! I do miss Sunday dinners with you and Timm though; it was such a nice break from everything. Miss you!

Kim said...

Cute outfit...I'm still cracking up about the getting-to-know-you sheet. That is too funny!

Diana said...

Oh my friend you look so beautiful.
Like Hannah I am very glad we haven't been replaced yet. I hope you make some good girl friends soon so you can have that female companionship.

Robin said... are looking so cute in those pictures! And kudos to Timm on the dress - excellent choice!

I am glad that church is going well for you - to be honest, I have never felt as "at home" in a ward here in Utah as I did in my wards back in CO. Maybe it's an out-of-state thing? Who knows!

And I am glad to hear that your friends back here in UT haven't been replaced (though I can't say I am one of the scrapbooking/playdate-ing friends, gotta love my lack of creativity/childless/full time job state at the moment ;)) But hey, how many naked cat loving, video game playing girlfriends can one have? We are a rare breed. ;)

Seriously though, I wish you the best of luck in finding local friends out there - it's always tough. But it's only a matter of time before everyone realizes how awesome you are. We definitely miss your awesomeness out here!

Jill said...

Oh Jessie, I was laughing out loud through this whole post, so thanks for that. You're hilarious.

I love it that you were hurrying to take self-portraits while Timm was waiting in the car. That is totally something I would do, but be embarrassed if Randy caught me.

I also enjoy it that you have overheating issues since I am plagued by them as well. I sit in Sacrament Meeting every week either fanning myself or trying to will myself into cooling down. How do the men wear long sleeves and suit jackets?? I'll never know.

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