Monday, September 10, 2007

Just Skip this one.

I signed up for a word-a-day email, and I don't know why I didn't do it sooner. Incidentally, Jill has it linked on her blog as well. I love words, I love learning new words, I love using them and integrating them into my language. I love anything that helps me to more accurately express myself, since I am quite expressive! I had a page-a-day word calendar once that I was seriously disappointed with. Once it gave me 'typewriter'. I threw it away. I am already very pleased with this one. If you want to subscribe, you just send a blank email to this address:
That said, I am going to try and incorporate the word of the day into my posts to cement it in my mind. It just so happens that I have a perfect subject for a word a couple of days ago-'yen'. (It's not just currency.)
I have a new subject to direct some of my intensity towards. It consumes much of my thoughts, causing anxiety over obstacles and excitement for an impending addition. I have a yen for a dog!!

\YEN\, noun:

1. A strong desire or inclination; a longing.
2. To have a strong desire or inclination; to long.

*Warning. After reading this post, it is evident that I am starved for companionship of a female friend. (Someone other than Timm and Bella). It is long, and has entirely too many details for the average reader. If you are seriously bored, fiercely devoted to me, or an animal lover, then you may enjoy this post. Otherwise feel free to skip it with no hard feelings.*

Now hear me out- haters, keep your negativity to yourself. If you don't have something nice to say, do not try to discourage me. Besides, what good would it do? We all know that unfortunately I have always refused to listen to anyone else. I insist on learning everything for myself, through doing. Sometimes- a lot of times, this causes a lot of unnecessary problems, yet I continue to use it as my m.o. That said-I have put a lot of thought into this decision- it is not a rash one at all. I don't expect anyone to understand this longing, but if Bridget ever graced the internet with her presence, she would understand. Erin would definitely understand. I can't imagine anyone else. I don't really know where I came from since I am the only super spastic animal person in my family...
This yen is more than just an itch for something new. I'm not someone who calls my kitties children, or even supposes that they are like my children. It's not even close-BUT- animals are still a part of my family. They have a place in the family like everyone else that is important to me. A household never feels complete to me unless it is shared with some kind of pet- it's just an essential element to a home for me. Ever since I've been married and no longer living in student housing, or at home where I can only obtain a pet with my parents permission, I have loved to exercise that right. We've had a few slip-ups. I adopted 3 various cats over the last year that turned out to be chronic urinators in my house. I put up with a lot (scrambled eggs) but I draw the line there. I even tried to deal with it for significant amounts of time. But right now we have a perfect fit with our little kitty guys. I don't think I can ever have another kind of cat. It's only $1000 cats for me from now on. They are not like normal cats...As a youth I had some troubles with dogs. We had 2 dogs on separate occasions that just didn't work, admittedly,by some of my own fault. The problem was that the dogs were a Lab, and a Weimeraner, respectively. These are large dogs who were bred to work hard. In the absence of a job to do, they need exercise. A lot of it. I realized that kind of dog is not suited for my lifestyle! I always thought I hated small dogs, but that was ignorance on my part. I dislike some small dogs, but seriously- do I hate any animal? Luckily for me, I have years of experience with animals, and the knowledge that comes along with it. I have researched to find the appropriate dog for us, and now I have one that has created this yen: a French Bulldog/Pug mix or a French Bulldog/Boston Terrier mix.

I realize this probably means nothing to the majority of you- indulge me. The personality of these dogs are a great mix for us- the Frenchies are very clownish and comical. The Pugs are very affectionate and loving. Both prefer to be lapdogs and receive lots of attention. They have very little exercise needs-in fact, too much exertion can be very harmful for these bully breeds. They are small and compact, but not wimpy. They will bark at intruders, but not just to bark. Both are very patient with small children, very protective, and loyal. And I think they're damn cute, but I have proven that I like strange looking pets.
The point is, I feel like there is a little gap in our family that needs filling. And that spot is not big enough for another baby, just a smallish dog. Don't you all feel that a little companion dog would be much better for my sanity and a lot cheaper than another kid at this point?
The killer is, I found a whole litter with a local rescue group, and found one that I fell in love with. The adoption cost is only $175 and includes the puppy, spay, microchip, worming, and vaccines. Translation: INCREDIBLE! These mix-breeds are recently fashionable and referred to as 'designer dogs' so after you bought one of these from a breeder and had all the same necessary medical work done, you'd be out around $800-$1000. Then , add about $250 for shipping because there's not many breeders of these new trends, and it's probably a fair distance away.
I was thrilled. I was excited. It was cheap-it was available-it was the PERFECT fit to our family. I sent in an application for adoption along with a letter that I wrote telling them about our family and our lifestyle and what we wanted in a dog. I ignorantly thought I would easily be approved- why wouldn't I? I was denied. Because we don't have a fence. Even though they are indoors only dogs that would only be taken on a leash for a walk, and supervised play in our large, nice, but unfenced yard. I am heartbroken. But I continue the search. There is a breeder about 8 hours from here that is pretty reasonable. I think I will be put on her waiting list for a new litter in the next couple/few months.
I'm very sorry for all of that, but I did warn you.


Karli said...


Since we found out we are expecting a boy I have been feeling like we need a dog. I want one for the outside only as I'm not much of an inside the house animal person, but I do think every little boy needs a dog at some point in his life! So I totally understand your wanting one. Those sound so cute, if you have any pictures; post them because I'm not sure I know what you're talking about. I'm crossing my fingers for you to be put on the list and get one though because I know how great you are with animals! Good luck!


RoRo said...

Oh you really need a PUGGLE! A pug/beagle mix, they are the best! Good med. size dog, she is so loving yet goes on hikes and camps with my husband. If you need a slightly smaller dog get a CHUG chihuahua/pug mix, she too is very loving just smaller and cute in her own way.

They are both very very good with children. Check out my blog for posts about them.

I can't believe they turned you down because you didn't have a fence! At least you would provide a good home! Can't wait to hear when you do get a dog.

Anonymous said...

First- your word of the day link doesn't work- FYI. I love it and have been getting them for a couple months now. You wouldn't know it though, because I find that me knowing more words doesn't mean that the people I talk to do and I want to be understood. Now I know who to talk all fancy like to :)

The dog thing has me shaking my head for a number of reasons, most of them I am sure you can guess. But- I get the dog/house desire. For you. A lap dog and two lap kitties- now that is a confrontation I totally want to see on film. Hopefully your kitties don't have allergies like Pinky- that would suck.

Oh- and a picture is totally necessary of the type of dog you want. Come on, google it up woman!

Anonymous said...

And another thing! This whole 3 posts in one day theme you have going better not just be a big totally rocks.

michelle said...

OK, I too am shaking my head. (You knew I would.)

1. Jack

(Hello! Have you learned nothing?)

2. Where were you with your advice against labs when Marc was out finding puppies?!


Diana said...

While I was reading that entry I felt like we were talking at book club. I remember a very similar conversation we had a few months ago. Of course then you didn't have a yen for a dog but anyways.
That breed of dog sounds perfect for your family. I really hope it works out for you. I feel so terrible that you didn't get the $175 puppy, dang fenceless backyard!
I need to start going an getting allergy shots if I plan on visiting you anytime soon!

mom said...

This could put Linda over the edge! Who will dog-sit while you travel? Another expense, boarding. No litter boxes for dogs....that was always one of the problems with your puppies as a child. AND, it IS just like having another baby. Sad,sad, sad,very sad, WAY sad, SAD!

That being said, I'm sure you will go forth.....

mom said...


What happened to the dauchand idea?

Beatrix Kiddo said...

Oh, I DEFINITELY understand. I need a dog so bad, it's just I can't right now. I'd feel too guilty being at work all day. So then I think of getting a cat. But that won't be till I have my own place and feel more secure financially. :( Patience!

Beatrix Kiddo said...

Oh, and like your Mom said...who will dog sit? I will! I would gladly fly down and dogsit and I would do it all for free :) Just as long as your vacation and my dogsitting overlapped for a bit so I could see you.

dpw said...

I've been having a bit of a dog yen myself, but don't tell my kids. The breed you describe sounds perfect!

Jill said...

I can't believe you were denied an adoption because you don't have a fenced yard. I would think your yen for a dog along with your great love (and tolerance) for all animals (even the very ugly) would have moved you to the top of the list.

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