Tuesday, September 11, 2007

You want pictures??

...Well you GOT pictures!

Sheesh... I tried to post pictures yesterday, but as commonly occurs, my computer and/or Blogger had a vendetta against me.
So that's a funny and accurate cartoon about French Bulldogs, or 'Frenchies'. Bridget has one named 'Bella" (hee) that I love.

It is not this dog.
I was laughing out loud at this one and I told Bella to come look at it and she cried, 'NO! Too Bumpy!' Whatever that means... I confess that I actually think this breed is beautiful. (Just not necessarily this dog. Although I'm sure his owner loves him.) f.y.i. It's a Chinese Crested.
Okay, here's the deal. I've searched over 20 pages of images and I can't find ones of these mixes that aren't copyrighted! SO- here is each individual dog. You figure it out.

The first 2 of these dogs are French Bulldogs. The one on the right is an English Bulldog. (blech.)

These guys (above and below) are Boston Terriers. Bridget also had one that I adored named Tilly.

Pugs: I only like the appearance of the black ones. (Versus the fawn with back faces...) I'm a little prejudiced, I guess.

I'm guessing you can probably see some similarities between the breeds- There are important differences though. For instance, the cats would probably get along very well with a Pug or a Frenchie. (My kitties lived with Frenchies before I adopted them.Bridget's Sphynx (now Hannah's!) would curl up with her Frenchie all the time. She groomed the dog too!) The pugs are cuddle bugs too, but the Boston definitely has the most energy. I think they could still get along fine, but they'd have to get used to the Boston bouncing all over the place.
Maybe I misled Marc when he was looking for a dog. The thing is, I just assumed that Shell and Marc both knew the basics that come along with owning a dog! A Lab is a great family dog. I told Marc they needed a lot of exercise, but it never occurred to me that I would have to tell them that dogs shed, sometimes chew things up, bark, run around wild,etc. Jack is actually a great Lab, and a great dog-but he's just that, a dog. Unfortunately you can't alter those parts of him. I don't think many dogs would work for Shell... but if any would, I think Shell would enjoy the personality of my picks better. Forgive me- I assumed they knew what they were getting into with a dog. I will be much more specific if anyone inquires of my opinion again! Just be glad you didn't end up with a Newfoundland! He liked those too. People at one of the clinics I worked in would knit sweaters from the shed hair they collected! Seriously. Oh man, and the slobber! I can't even begin...

That said, in choosing the type of dog that I am, I will avoid many of the irksome things of dogs that have foiled attempts in the past. I never understood what kind of dog suited me until I grew up, worked with all kinds of dogs, and gained a lifestyle that I could match a dog too. So no head-shaking.
Have I convinced you? (For MY sake- you are under no obligation.)


Diana said...

The french bull dogs are so very cute. I'd even like to cuddle with them (and that's saying something)
I'll have to look up pictures of the mixes since they're all copyrighted.

michelle said...

I think the french bull dogs and the pugs are pretty cute. I think I could handle a small dog much better than a lab. And I think I could handle Jack much better if he hadn't completely. wrecked. my. backyard. But I am still surprised that you want a dog!

Anonymous said...

So they are cute- not the second picture- that is freaking me out. I don't doubt their cuteness. Cuteness wasn't why I was shaking me head. Not at all. Not.at.all. Your mom kinda outlined some of the reasons with her comment before for the head shaking.

But, I think a dog is inevitable for your family (you). So if you can afford it, you might as well get one when they are a good deal. It is one step further away from the crazy cat lady title, that is for sure!

Robin said...

Man, can I relate to the desire to have a dog. Alas, stupid landlord/sister. *grump*

What's even worse, is some friends of ours who have a male Doberman JUST got a female as well, and plan on breeding them. Again, can I say want?

dpw said...

Cute! Makes me want to cuddle.

mom said...

Happy badgering....

Jill said...

No, too bumpy is my reaction as well!

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