Thursday, September 20, 2007

Relief...of a sort.

Alrightie folks- since Hannah is such a dork and made a pleading comment to change my blog scenery-here goes.I can't promise anything since I hadn't planned on anything to post. ("I don't even know if anything is going to come out.")I have some things in the workings of my mind, but I have to take the necessary pictures. Alas, it is 6:45 and the sun is not up yet...
I am going to showcase more of my favorite photos from the journey out here! Bear with me-besides my house, new and frightening insect life, and how it all came to be is all I got! Without that, I got nothin'! I suppose I could endlessly pine away for friends and family left 'far, far away...' but who would that be good for? No one. Possibly you.
Proceed with the modern version of a slide show recounting the details of a trip only interesting to me and possibly Erin, since she was there and I haven't talked to her since! (The beauty of a 12 or 13 year friendship...)
First: a parting shot of Michelle's yard taken a couple days before leaving. (this is the part Jack hasn't ruined.) Michelle's house has become a kind of refuge akin to what Grandma's has always been for me. Totally safe, comfortable, welcome, at ease.
This was our truck, shortly before we were ready to go. Those guys utilized every possible inch of that truck. It was the biggest one they rent, and some thought it would be much too big, since we only live in a 1200 SQ townhouse- I knew better. We had to toss a few things, and we're lucky we fit what we did!
Our first day driving took us to Denver, an oft-visited refuge for me. It was a welcome sight, especially after leaving all my loved ones behind amidst tears on both sides. It was only one night, way too short, but it was 'donut night' so that makes up for quite a bit. Yeah, that's right. Homemade glazed donuts. Deep-fryer. MmmmmmMmMm.. And unfortunately for Erin, she was still sick if you recall.
Grandpa and Papa had a very lengthy discussion in earnest, I'm sure about something enlightened and lofty. Both of these men are very admirable indeed.
Leaving was bittersweet, as many aspects of this move prove to be. I was excited to move on, press forward-but I knew that I was leaving a part of the country that made a spontaneous trip to Denver an available option. I always knew that if things got to be too much or too dull, with one very full tank of gas, 8 hours, and minimal equipment, Denver (grandma's house) was close at hand. It was a comfort knowing that.
Bella, receiving love from an ever-receptive Denise. Bella really is easy to love, if I do say so myself. I have a post planned on the very subject. She is always welcomed by the Wood clan with many open arms and cousins waiting to admire her. It's good for the child and the mother both.
I love this picture-this sight. Unfortunately the settings on my camera got screwy and I didn't realize it. (Making several pictures WAY too dark.) I might have to deign to use PhotoShop. This is Denise rubbing grandma's feet because of her ulcers. I was just standing by when I was struck by the sight of it. I ran and got my camera, and shot away. It was a perfect example of charity, Christlike love, and service. It was very touching and had an impact on me that I am so pleased to have caught on film. Even if it is too dark. (for now.)
I love this photo-except it was also victim to screwy camera settings. My cute, cute grandparents (Grandpa without his glasses?!?) Unfortunately, upon reviewing the photos I had to accept a truth that has been taunting me for some time: My arms are as big as my head.
Again-too dark. But I had to include it. I had to harness the kitties after Dobby made a run for it out of fear. Papa offered to hold Dobby, and I loved the sight of it. Squint hard and maybe you can make it out.
Erin and Smeagle at the same location. (Note: cleavage enhancing harness featured previously.)
We were lucky enough to find a park each day to stop for lunch and let us all have some fresh air. (Incidentally I'm so lucky that Erin is an animal lover!
Dobby, doing her part to help out. The cats were SO peaceable the whole trip. For the first 2 or 3 days they solely slept on our laps for the entire trip. As you can see, they were always trying to scramble onto the driver's lap as well. Sometimes I permitted it. Then they found a comfy spot on the floor of the car and made that their spot with their fleece blanket.
The long road ahead. Picture taken in: Kansas. Correct.
Stupidly, I only took a couple of SPs on the drive.
Bella, happily playing with unrestricted Binkie access- an accommodation I made for the sake of all of our mental health. She couldn't have been any better than if she was unconscious. (Which I tried.)
This is the last day, when we were driving through western North Carolina. It should have only been a couple hours from our destination. Should have been. In our defense (Erin and I) it was the only time we got lost! Through some creative and risky routing we got there only a half an hour delayed.
It had the most beautiful fog that had descended like a giant cloud formation. It was saturated in both rich color and life, as well as rain. It was a very welcome sight to be officially introduced to my new state with such beauty.
There we have it. And I have more. But they are of closing on the house and I will spare you all until a later date. (Which may be today, the same date, but a later time.)

I hope you're happy Hannah. I've only been working on this for most of 3 hours.


Jill said...

I'm sure Hannah will be happy, I know I am. It's fun to see all these pictures of your journey. What a contrast between the view in Kansas and the view in North Carolina! It's stunning.

I want to see more pictures of your house, your town, your new life, etc. I'll even deal with pictures of spiders if necessary.

Jill said...

I was first to comment, woohoo.

Anonymous said...

I am happy- thank you! I even got a little teary seeing the pictures of your first sights and your description of driving into NC! What is up with that?!?!

It is so green there. Never having been further east than Texas, I am going to be in quite a shock next year eh?

And the foot rub picture is awesome- dark or not. I love it.

michelle said...

I love this! Such a cool picture of
Denise rubbing Grandma's feet. So cool to see a photo of Grandma in her cute wig! (other than a cell phone pic) Grandpa and Papa deep in conversation. Cute sp of you and Erin. And I LOVE the sights and thoughts on your first glimpse of NC. Keep 'em comin!

Robin said...

I really loved seeing all of this pictures - your family in Denver, the kitties(!!), the journey - love it!

Diana said...

I don't really know what to say what a beautiful spontaneous post. I love it, it makes me really miss you even more (if possible)

charlotte said...

I love the pictures! And donut night was especially fun--it was so much fun seeing you one last time before you left. And I too love seeing Mom serve Grandma--it really is so selfless.

RoRo said...

Why do animals like riding on the driver's side? whenever we take our dogs for a car ride they love being on the driver over any other spot in the car!?!?! Glad your trip went well. Can't wait to read more!

dpw said...

Seeing Bella makes me miss her more!

Claudissima said...

wow what a touching foto of the are soo right...i wonder why jesus did is something of humility...i often think at the pedicure spa...4 times a year...this is soo nice, but it is a hard thing to do...touch someone else's feet.

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