Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My little poppy seed

So. The pregnancy continues. I need to schedule my first appointment- I am only about 6 weeks along, setting my prospective due date at somewhere around...October 21st. Although I do have to endure the horrid heat and humidity in the very last stages of pregnancy, October will be a great delivery month here. It'll be in the 60's, no scary virus season, very temperate.
The way I see it, it is unfair when you cannot afford to satisfy the simple cravings that accompany pregnancy. Even from the start. Even though this is my 3rd pregnancy, I am still amazed at how quick the onset of symptoms is! I am trying to watch my weight very carefully and continue to eat well and exercise so that the end result of this pregnancy is much better than the first 2, although I am in considerably worse shape than I started with those two...
But like I said, it is hard to abide by good eating habits when you have very particular ideas about what does and does not taste good. Also unfortunate like I said is when you cannot afford to indulge these cravings, which only serves to exacerbate said cravings.
My recent favorite ideas, which may cycle rapidly and also be revolting and tempting within very short periods of time are (in no particular order):
Restaurant hamburgers (Chili's, Red Robin, no fast food. a big hamburger.)
Burritos. mMmmm.. Burritos. sometimes shredded beef, sometimes chicken, but I generally imagine them from the Tijuana Flats just down the street.
Hot Dogs (Preferably from Costco)
Cinnamon Rolls. (with frosting)
Pop Tarts. (very specific requests on flavor and style of eating-)
Jelly Bellies
Rainbow Sherbet
Soda, soda, soda...
That's all I can think of right now. It's so funny that with every pregnancy, at least in the beginning on each, I have craved protein and fruity sweets. Very strange, but chocolate is not at ALL tempting (for now). The protein thing I get because I typically don't eat much of it. Pretty much a real restaurant hamburger, fries, or a burrito always sound good. And I never have them. For shame.
I am ridiculously tired most of the time, and the state of my house and family reflects this in a sad and frightening way. I try to make the most of the days or hours when I have energy, but lately they are far and few between. Today I was violently sick for the first time. Apparently I cannot handle water on an empty stomach. (I usually take my pills first thing in the am to help with the energy factor...) Luckily Bella was in the bath so she wasn't startled by my vomiting in the other bathroom.
Bella is sweet, as ever. Yesterday I was apologizing that I was lame and a bad mom, and that we weren't having any fun, and just staying home... (More to myself than her I guess) and she just said "I'm sorry that you feel sick." Whenever she often reminds me that I am tired or I feel sick, she follows it up with 'Because there's a baby inside.' And sometimes, 'Come out baby!'
Sweet sweet girl to be able to handle me.
Today I also went out for the first time int he last 3 days which was tiring but revitalizing as well. Unfortunately, loading the dishwasher, the washing machine, and running 3 errands seems to have sapped me for now. So it is probably off to a nap or at least a rest while Bella does the same. And that is the progression of this pregnancy this far.
By the way- How can something the size of a poppy seed have this much effect on your body???!! (That's how big they purport he was just last week-)


Jill said...

The little poppy seed-sized invader requires a whole support system so no wonder you're exhausted. It's miraculous that our bodies can create a human life, it's just unfortunate that it rocks our life so much while it's happening.

Bella is so sweet, it's great that she understands that you're tired and sick.

I think pregnancy cravings are hilarious. I hope you can feed some of your cravings before they turn into things that make you hurl.

michelle said...

It is amazing that a tiny poppy seed-sized baby could wreak such havoc on your existence, but like Jill said, there is so much going on beyond the poppy seed. Do you ever wonder how women can go for weeks without even knowing they are pregnant? Grandma told me she was three months along with Denise before she even realized it! What in the world?

Pregnancy cravings and aversions are weird, but so very real. It always cracks me up when you crave Costco hot dogs and the like, it's so outside of your norm. I have never craved fruity sweets over chocolate, it would probably be a good thing for my girth if I could make the switch.

Sorry you got sick! Let's hope it was a one-time thing.

Anne said...

Sooo many people I know have been pregnant lately and I guess I never quite realized how quickly and how drastically your body is taken over by this new being. It makes me wonder how my own body would react, although according to my mom I'm never going to find out. She's already given up hope for me and has said that I can always adopt baby girls from China. Awesome huh?! I guess I'm still bitter about that.

Bella's comments are so precious. What a doll.

Beatrix Kiddo said...

I miss Bella. She is so amazingly sweet.

Hannah said...

Pregnancy is just one big box of fascinating things to me. How some people get deathly ill and others- like me- don't even get nauseous at all. Sorry you were hugging the porcelain this morning! I was plenty tired though, more so with the second one- rest often dear friend, poppy seed size or not, you are growing a little being!

Mom said...

Motherhood.....ah, the wonder of it all!

Feel better. Resist all cravings with bad points! I'll bring pointworthy treats!

Diana said...

I need to help you be strong like your Mom is instead of keep telling to give into your cravings. I guess I just remember so vividly how hard it was to get rid of craving without actually eating the food.
Keep up the good work growing that poppy seed :)

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