Thursday, August 21, 2008

2 parents are better than one

For Bella's birthday (back in May) my parents got her this cute bike of her own, complete with helmet and basket. I debated whether to get her a tricycle first or just dive right in, but I thought she was big enough to learn the real thing- with training wheels of course. The only problem is that the summer tends to be really hot, and I tend to get lazier the hotter it gets. Plus, teaching her to ride it requires a lot of bending over from the back to hold on and guide her, which I am also increasingly unable and loathe to do.
Enter: daddy.
Yet another reason for 2 parents, whenever possible. He actually had time to do this a couple of times over the 3 weeks that our schedules allowed us to be at home (or in the same state) at the same time.
Gotta love the concentration showing on that face.
Incidentally, her cute shirt is one acquired by Marc on his last trip to Paris. I love those scores. So much.
Hopefully as fall sets in I will have the energy with new baby to take Bella riding some more. Anything to get us both outside. I am too big a fan of the comforts of indoor living, namely air conditioning and the resulting constant and comfortable temperature sans humidity. That indoor plumbing really does it for me too. And no bugs swarming. And you can't hear the cacophony of cicadas that make it sound like we live in a jungle. Plus, comfortable seating abounds inside. No squinting.
Good grief.


Diana said...

Bella's concentration face cracked me up. Kira is a pro on her bike, I love it she's outside with the neighbor kids and I get a break inside. Joshy got a bike for his birthday too he's doing pretty well.
PS I love Bella's shirt.

michelle said...

DITTO on your whole last paragraph! It's a good thing Daddy's home.

Anonymous said...

Love those pictures of Timm and her. Your last paragraph made me laugh out loud.

charlotte said...

I love her look of concentration!

Claudissima said...

that is soo cool! Alexei is 5 years old and still struggles to peddal.....I can't believe it...I thought it was 3 year old refuses to move on the tricicle...he is lazy or what? he says it doesn't move! How can this be? I think he will get introduced to the little scooter before he actually uses the modern kids

Mom said...

Way too cute. Enough said.

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