Saturday, August 30, 2008


Just a few images of the minutea in our lives lately:

Another example of Bella's creative and convoluted collection of playthings- plastic finger puppets, magnets, necklaces, rings, coins, and a button all on her little ironing board. A happy little collection of colors.

We did our first version of Hannah's 'Muffin Tin Monday' and ate it picnic-style in the living room, although ours did not fall on a Monday. I felt pretty good about my offering of peaches, grapes, carrots, wheat bread, goldfish and triscuits, with a cookie each for dessert. Bella felt good about eating only bread and a few goldfish. Oh well, the day before she practically gorged herself on grapes, so it all evens out I suppose.
Excuse the bad lighting, but I had to snap this from a distance one evening while I was on the phone before Timm caught on. I thought it was so funny, and that he is a little dramatic in his own little ways... I know I'm pregnant and even without that excuse I am perpetually too hot all the time, and Timm is great to indulge our family rule of 'The hot one gets to choose', but this is ridiculous.
He looks like a Sith Lord or something. Just for proof I checked the temperature of the house at the time I took this, and it was a comfortable 72 or 73 degrees. I ask you, isn't that a reasonable temperature? I think I'm being quite prudent.
We've had some disturbingly slow drainage in our bathroom sink for some time now, and Timm went to investigate. I was afraid of the likely culprit, hair. Bella was eager to help, evidenced by her hand supported on Timm's back as she leans in for a better look. Timm has her identify the tools he's using and she gets to shine the flashlight wherever he needs it. She was pretty interested, and then he found the clog.
In consideration of the sensitivities of others (and myself) I will not use a lot of detail. It was a lot of hair, and we'll leave it at that. But Bella's reaction was She didn't take any cues from me- I didn't react at all, and it fact she never had a chance to glance in my direction before she rapidly backed herself away from the offender, stumbling, hand to her mouth agape. She looked simultaneously horrified, scared, and disgusted. In truth, a pretty accurate representation of how I felt about it. It was classic.
So that's about it for now, for lately.


Anonymous said...

Love her creative stash! And your muffin tin lunch looks sooo good. I love that I can put a lot or a little in each cup and usually it will work out and me and my girls get enough. Way to be a fun mom!

I am usually too hot, but lately so very cold so I can see Timm's point of view and how lucky you are to just have that rule, and a cozy blanket for the needy party!

Laughing at your description of Bella's face and I can just picture it! I think it is rather manly for a guy to be able to fix stuff around the house, go Timm!!!

emily said...

I love the picture of Bella and Timm. It's so cute that they are buddies, and I love that he gives her ways to help.

I laughed out loud at least twice while reading this post, and thank you that. I miss having you out in Provo, but love hearing about your beautiful family. Tell everyone I love them!

Oh, and props to Hannah for her alliteration day! Mopping Mondays are one of my favorite personal alleration days.

michelle said...

No matter what I put in the muffin tins, Eva always goes for the stuff like bread and goldfish and calls it good.

Timm does look like a Sith lord! Too funny. I set our thermostat for 73 degrees, but sadly it's always around 76.

Thanks for not actually showing us the clog -- your description of Bella's reaction was quite enough. What a funny girl.

marc said...

Sith Lord, indeed. But also Joseph in the yearly family Christmas play.

Mother said...

I agreed with Marc! My first thought was wondering to myself what kind of Primary play he was preparing for!

Yuk on the clog! Good to get rid of! Go Timm, go!

All, cute photos.

rmt said...

Your muffin tin lunch looks really good. The whole idea is just so fun!

I'm laughing at the picture of Timm, mostly because I can't imagine being cold when it's 73 degrees! I think I could go all the way down to like 68-70 and be fine...

Ew, ew, triple ew about the clog! Funny story.

Jill said...

I have yet to try the muffin tin lunch, but I know Whitney will think it's the greatest thing ever that has been.

The Sith Lord picture of Timm is highly amusing.

Randy has had to do some drain clean-up before and it's always disturbing.

Rin said...

OH man, your reaction to hair is too funny. I will never forget when you and Ryan shared a bathroom. Hahahahaha.

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