Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Baby Tonight

I offer you a record of tonight in the form of a photo series of our little 'Fi'. Only the most enthused Fiona fans will care to look at all the pictures, as they are nearly identical. Alas, I have a hard time deleting and differentiating the photos.
She's all decked out in one of Bella's old blankets and a sweet posh bouncer that Linda got her for my shower.

So, so tiny. And nearly impossible to convey that tinyness. I will need to take some pictures specifically designed to show scale.
Her hair's a lot darker than Bella's was- I don't know if it shows in pictures, but Fi's hair is a medium-dark brown like mine, whereas Bella's is a medium blonde.

A little nakedy baby after I finished nursing her. She struck this pose and I promptly had Timm snap a photo. At 4 days old, she is still nothing but a sleeping and eating machine. The rare occasions that she is wide-eyed I am too enamored to think of getting the camera, so those photos will have to wait.
So what do you think? Does she look like Bella? No one else really thinks so, and I'm no help because I just think she looks like a baby. Our Fi-fi baby.
Nicknames so far include:
Baby Fi


Jill said...

Hooray for more pictures of sweet Fiona! She's a beauty. I can't tell who she looks like at this point, but so far I don't see a resemblance to Bella.

Keep the photos coming!

Serin said...

i LOVE the naked baby one! She is perfect!

michelle said...

Oh, this is making me wish I had a blog when I had a baby... so much great documentation, so much sharing with adoring fans.

I don't really think she looks like Bella. I'm trying to decide if she looks like Lola. Most likely she just looks like little lovely Fi. Those pictures are making me DYING to smell her head and kiss her!

michelle said...

p.s. either that is a ginormous bouncy seat or she is super-tiny! Or possibly both.

charlotte said...

I know I've said this before, but I don't feel that I can say it too many times: she is just perfect and beautiful.

Susan said...

Grandma says that the "clasping hands" is a Petersen thing! Often, Denise, Michelle and myself are found in deep conversation or simple thought with the same clasped hands! I even have seen Max so involved!!

Great photos. She is a baby doll, indeed!

Diana said...

Can I hold her and hug her please :)

Denise said...

I am laughing at Michelle's commnent because that's exactly what I was thinking I want to do--smell and kiss her sweet little head! Count me among her many adoring fans.

Anonymous said...

she is beautiful! i can't wait to see her in person!

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