Monday, September 29, 2008

Luxury Accommodations

Although I very much appreciate Michelle's flattering post about my home, she failed to highlight the best parts of both my house and her stay: the accommodations I had for her! In our sprawling 1500 square foot, 3-bedroom house, we are conspicuously lacking in any sort of guest room, or even guest space. Timm partially dismantled and rearranged the nursery so that we could at least fit our queen size air mattress for all of our guests: first my parents, then Shell, and soon to be Nana.
It is a small room to begin with, so Timm had to take the crib apart and push all the remaining furniture against the walls to leave enough space for the air mattress and a small path to walk on one side of it. This also necessitated stacking high piles of nursery belongings, making the sparse room for guest belongings nonexistent. Thus, the need for guests like Michelle to stow their things on the floor for inconvenient rifling through.
The air mattress, while large, tends to lose air throughout the day so that we need to refill it every night with a very loud pump. If you fail to refill it even once, it results in a very uncomfortable water bed-like consistency. The pump is impossibly loud and fortunately it takes a long time to replenish the lost air, but somehow Bella slept through it each time, as we usually forgot to do it until after she was in bed.
Despite all this, at least it is a 'guest room' with a door that closes and even locks, providing privacy.
Oh, but the best part- the best part of our accommodations was a well-timed and very selective power-outage. The day after Shell arrived the power went out, only in her room and bathroom. Nothing else in the entire house, save the doorbell, was affected. What in the world? The weird thing is that the outlets all have power, but the switches won't work. Feeling like a schmuck, at first I lamely gave Michelle my book light for illumination. Eventually we figured out that the outlets worked and we were at least able to provide her a lamp for more adequate lighting. The bathroom however, was a different story. Despite my insistence that she use our bathroom, she would leave the hall light on and do what she could by that light. Sometimes she used our shower, and other times, fearing she would 'disturb' me, she showered in the dark. Awesome.
So should you come to visit us in the near future, this is the kind of stay you can expect. (Lucky Nana- the next visitor we expect.) However, if you schedule a visit sometime after the next couple of months it will be the couch for you, as Fiona should be sleeping soundly in the nursery by then. So come one, come all! We are equipped to greet you in luxury, comfort, and style!


michelle said...

Oh, come now, it wasn't as bad as all that! In fact, I didn't mind it at all, although I did wonder about Nana...

Your last sentence, however, made me laugh out loud. Thanks, I needed that.

Denise said...

I still think your house looks too cute for words. Your descriptions, however, are quite hilarious. I'll have to agree that Michelle is a good sport to shower in the dark.

Anonymous said...

I had to go and read Michelle's post first and then this one. I would sleep on your floor if it meant being able to spend the other hours of the days in the comfort of the rest of your house! Even cramped, there looks to be such nice things to look at!

Jill said...

How funny, I was wondering where Michelle slept when she stayed with you since her post about your super cute house didn't include it.

I know all about trying to accommodate guests in a small space, but always think that when it comes right down to it what matters is that they could stay with us at all.

The power situation in your set up is funny, isn't Timm the handyman?

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