Monday, September 29, 2008

A Dialogue to Remember

After a full day at school today, Timm briefly stopped at home before he went to his first official shift serving at Red Robin. When he was suited up and ready to go, Bella- who never misses anyone- started bawling with a fervor we rarely see. She had tears just streaming and streaming down her face and neck. Here is Bella's emphatic dialogue, barely made out through gasps and sobs.

Bella: 'I told Daddy he has to stay a part of our family!!'
Me: 'I know sweetheart, but daddy has to go to work...'
Bella: 'I don't want daddy to go to work! Can I go to work with daddy?'
Me: 'No honey, it's not the kind of work we can go to...'
Bella: 'But why can't I go to Red Robin Yum?'

It was sad, funny, and endearing all at once. It cracked me up that she kept repeating, 'I told daddy he has to stay a part of our family!' and her naming of the restaurant as 'Red Robin Yum.' She was seriously and genuinely crushed.


michelle said...

Well this is a milestone -- Bella's missing somebody! And so cute that she wants him to stay a part of your family.

Anonymous said...

Heee, that is a great convo to record.

Jill said...

This conversation hurts my heart. How does Timm manage to do it all?

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