Monday, September 08, 2008

Week in Preview

It seems like I have a lot going on this week- at least it's a lot for me. So in order to document a week's activities, and to try to organize my thoughts and tasks for the week I am going to outline it here so I can refer back to it.
I have an NST at 11:00 downtown. I had one on Friday that I missed (oops) so I have to make it up today. Besides that I have to run to the grocery store for a few things and basically clean my house. It's killing me to do a deep-clean of my house because it has been surviving on perfunctory maintenance for so long, but today is not the day. In fact, this week is not the week. Today I have to pick up the whole house, do a minor clean (sweep, mop, vacuum, dust, swish and swipe) especially in preparation for tomorrow. I should throw a couple loads of laundry in there and do my cat care too. (bathe cats, trim nails, clean ears- blech.) I have to do my prep for Joy School tomorrow which includes learning some songs, cutting out a bunch of things, learning the lessons, and setting up.
Joy School! It's my first turn, and I don't think it's going to be so bad. I've catastrophized it for so long that it couldn't possibly be as 'bad' or stressful as I've been dreading. I'll have to get up early and make sure that Bella and I are bathed and ready, house is cleaned, picked up and ready to receive all the kids. Joy School goes from 9:30-12, after which I hope Bella will take a nap (wishful thinking) so I can too.
I have to leave the house by 8 to go pick up a food order at the church. I hope it's our last one, but they have helped save our butts over this summer when we were surviving on tiny supplementary part-time job paychecks. It's hard on me because I have to be ready for us to leave the house by 8, which otherwise never happens, but then I have to help unload the truck. It's cool to all work together, and it's the least I can do for free food, but it's physically hard on me. It takes up to about an hour, and it's a lot of bending, pushing, picking up, etc. I usually have cramps during the process, am trying to babysit Bella at the same time, and try not to sweat too much. Although 2 of the last times it has been raining hard, so I had to do it amidst that. After I drop that off at home I need to go to one or two visiting teaching appointments with Molly. Then I have a lot more prep to do for Joy School the next day, including making Gingerbread dough and picking up some books from the library. Thursday's lesson seems a lot more involved so I have a lot more prep to do.
Joy School again. Make sure Bella and I are bathed and ready with the house clean and set up for kids by 9:30. Recover. Make one of Timm's favorite dinners of meatloaf, mashed potatoes and a carrot casserole so he can have it for lunch the next day.
Timm's 29th birthday! First though, I have to take Bella downtown with me to go to another NST and Dr's appointment. We have to leave by 7:45am- Yikes! But hopefully we'll be back by 10. I don't know what Timm's work schedule is going to be this week, but I need to plan on having him for dinner that night. I am going to make his boring but other favorite meal of roast with potatoes, carrots, and onions. (Not my favorite, for sure.) I still need to figure out what to make him for dessert and find a time to get a birthday present. I will probably have to do it today, but that also means figuring out what that present should be (I have a couple of ideas) but more importantly, figuring out how to pay for said present.
Birthday party for Bella's friend Ashley at 10:30. Also have to get a present for this party and figure out how to pay for said present. I have to plan my Primary lesson for the next day.
church, which means teaching my crazy 5-6 year old class which usually incapacitates me for the rest of the day. I still have to blog about that.
Sometime in all of that I also have several posts to update about, most pressing being my awesome baby shower I had on Saturday, courtesy of Molly and Linda.I have a rigorous reading habit to keep up with as I am trying to get as much reading done as possible in the next 2 1/2 weeks. My sleeping lately has been horrendous, so I am even more tired than usual. I'm trying to focus on each day by day this week and to remember that I can do hard things, and to keep things and priorities in perspective. Next week (the week before we have a baby!) I hope to muster the energy to finally deep-clean my house. It's all hurdling towards baby Fiona so fast!!! Off to start picking up before I head downtown to the ghetto doctor's office. (another post.)


michelle said...

Oh, dee, two NSTs in one week, huh? It certainly looks like a busy week, but you CAN do hard things! And just think, with being so busy, you won't even have a chance to fret about the baby coming! And she will come, even if you don't get your house deep-cleaned.

Maybe you can make something for Bella's friend?

rmt said...

You do have a busy week coming up! I am excited to hear how Joy School goes. I know that you will do great!

I like Michelle's idea of making something for Bella's friend, or I was thinking you could check the Dollar Spot at Target.

I'm excited to read about the ghetto doctor's office...

Diana said...

crazy but so good. I love being busy especially when you're waiting for something. Thanks for reminding us of Timm's birthday so Lou can call him this week.

Tasha said...

I remember those 2 or 3 a week NST's . Such a pain. You are busy this week! It makes me a bit tired just reading about it! I hope you will find some time in there to do something for yourself!

Jill said...

What in the world? You're 9 months pregnant and they're having you help unload the truck?! That doesn't seem right at all.

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