Friday, October 03, 2008

Study of Fiona

I love the myriad of expressions that newborns make in rapid succession. A week or so ago I snapped these one after another just to see what I would get. The whole thing took maybe 30 seconds. Love the results.
at ease.
hey! that's bella's face!
precious smile, even if it is gas-induced.
just cute.


rmt said...

Darling! Newborns are so fun to watch. Isn't it amazing how their little personalities show from the very beginning?

I still think she looks like you!

Anonymous said...

She just looks so much like you to me! I love that you are posting so much of her- it feels like we are getting to know her more :)

michelle said...

So cute. I just love how quickly they go through the gamut of expressions, and I love even more that you captured it!

paws said...

So cute!

amy m said...

It's awesome that you're taking so many pictures because they change so so fast. She is adroable.

Denise said...

I would give anything to have the kind of photo documentation of my children that you have of yours! She's darling.

Susan said...

"I'm damn cute!" says Fiona.

Those are adorable. She must be keeping her eyes open more. I never saw her with her eyes open much at all!

WAY cute!

Jill said...

Babies are so expressive, it's amazing really.

charlotte said...

I love it! She's such a darling little person!

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