Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy 27th Birthday Hannah!

I've said before that my friendship with Hannah was an unlikely one, but I couldn't have found a better friend. That said, it hasn't always been easy to have Hannah for a best friend, and I'll tell you why. It's not like it sounds- Because Hannah and I have so many differences in our personalities and M.O.'s, she seems to excel at all the things I struggle with. In times of insecurity or struggle this can be disheartening and lead me to believe that she is plain old 'better' than I am. And in many ways, she is. She has inspired me and changed me more than any other friend I can think of, and I have been blessed with many wonderful people who have influenced my life.
Hannah doesn't make excuses- she just doesn't allow herself to do it. When we talked about this I was flabbergasted. How does one not make excuses for themselves? I still remember this conversation very well, and it was almost a year ago. Something clicked as we talked and she bestowed her wisdom and maturity on me. I decided then and there that I would stop making excuses for myself, or at least try. I may fail and be lacking in many ways, but I would accept responsibility for it and not excuse myself from the blame.
Hannah is very logical and practical in her decision making, whereas I am very emotionally-driven. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but I have learned how to make less decisions based solely on emotion. I have learned that my feelings are not automatic truth and I can, and should challenge them lest they influence me unduly.

Hannah has never really struggled with depression, and I think she didn't understand it until she met me. I still don't know if she understands it, but she is at least empathetic towards my plight. Although it sounds too simplistic to be true, Hannah simply decides to be happy. In stressful, worrisome or frustrating instances, she chooses to remain calm and act positively, which is truly a struggle for me.

In short, Hannah is good at a lot of things I am comparatively bad at. There are many more ways than I have outlined, but for the sake of my self-esteem I will stop there for now. The amazing thing about her, is that even though she trumps me in many qualities, she continues to inspire and encourage me rather than depress me.

And here, true to birthday tradition, is a list of 27 things about Hannah for her 27th birthday:
1. She is a devoted mother and wife
2. She is very logical in her decision-making, leaving emotion out of it.
3. She is gritty.
4. She is hard-working, and does whatever needs to be done.
5. She is naturally positive in nature and believes she can do whatever she works hard for.
6. She is very active.
7. She is very hands-on with her girls, and engages them in activities every day.
8. She has a great relationship with her mom and sisters.
9. She has run a half-marathon-amazing!
10. She will run a marathon in the future.
11. She is an incredibly supportive friend.
12. She cries when she laughs hard.
13. She is always willing to help and fills a need where she sees it.
14. She puts most women to shame as a wife.
15. She loves cooking and baking and is great at both of them.
16. She loves nice wine.
17. She is very creative and loves scrapbooking and book making.
18. She made me a blanket for Bella's baby shower when I barely knew her.
19. I met Hannah when I took her position to work at Leaving Prints- she was leaving to have Mya, I had just had Lola.
20. She seems to have boundless energy.
21. She looks great without makeup and sparkles when she does wear it.
22. She photographs very well.
23. She has great skin with a beautiful olive complexion.
24. She struggles with decorating.
25. She loves to work in, harvest, and ear from her garden.
26. She is patient and not easily riled, taking things in stride.
27. She loves good food, especially fine cheese.
That list was easy to rattle off- she has so many admirable and endearing qualities.

My life is enriched by knowing Hannah. My family benefits because I am a better wife and mother because of her. I try harder, take more deep breaths, pause more, smile more, and live a better life because of her. She's my best friend, and I'm blessed for it.

(All pictures, save the first one, from my trip to Utah this last June. We packed in the SPs.)


michelle said...

She IS gritty! Definitely something I admire.

There is much to admire about Hannah. I love the way she challenges the way you look at things, and the way she chooses happiness.

And I'm jealous that she looks so good without makeup!

lelly said...

you guys have a fantastic friendship. i love that you were able to "pack in the spts" this summer. all of them are priceless!

Anonymous said...

I don't even know what to say. It really is hard to read something like this about yourself and not question every thing! I feel loved and valued and your friendship is something that I can never take for granted. I have to say that being called gritty is still one of the best compliments ever :)

I love that I have a lot SPs from your trip but from different angles and the like. We really did go a little SP crazy huh? Good times- missed you today!

charlotte said...

It's so great having friends like Hannah. Best friends truly are irreplaceable. I don't really know Hannah (except from reading occasional posts from her blog), but happy birthday!

Jill said...

It's so interesting that you two can have so many differences yet be such close friends, what a gift!

Natasha said...

These are some serious SPs! Happy Birthday to Hannah.

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