Saturday, November 15, 2008

My 100

1. I love to read- my goal for 2008 was to read 50 books, and I am on #47 -Not bad for having a baby in September!
2. Lavender is my favorite scent.
3. I love naps more than words can tell. Lately I NEED them.
4. I watch too much tv, but I love it.
5. I want to be a runner.
6. Running a marathon is a dream and would make me feel like a superhero!
7. I am a night owl by nature.
8. I wish I could sleep late every day.
9. I am always hot- embarrassingly so. Always.
10. I love Coke Zero.
11. I require a lot of sleep.
12. I hate clutter.
13. I have been on anti-depressants for about 8 years.
14. I have had 3 C-Sections and my tonsils removed.
15. Hannah is my best friend.
16. Erin is my oldest friend-13 years.
17. Molly is the best friend I've made in Charlotte.
18. My grandma Charlotte is my role model and hero.
19. My sister Michelle is also my best friend.
20. So is my husband!
21. I am always trying to improve myself and read many self-help books.
22. I have 2 hairless cats.
23. I have the sickest, grodiest, scratchiest, most calloused and beyond hope feet in the world.
24. I think I have the coolest, most interesting, talented, funny and inspiring family.
25. My look is fashionable, but very casual.
26. I love candy corn.
27. I love peanut butter M & Ms.
28. There is hardly a food that I don't like.
29. I LOVE a clean house!
30. I love pink and green together.
31. I am a chronic, hopeless homebody.
32. I love to write.
33. I love to create and work with my hands.
34. I love my husband's laptop- it helps aid my sedentary lifestyle.
35. I wish I lived in an old, historic house.
36. My first cd was Vanessa Williams, a cast off from Michelle.
37. Har and Peastore were my childhood imaginary friends. They were fairly long-lived, and there was one more, but he was more transient and I forget his name.
38. I have lived in Denver, Pittsburgh (Wexford), Philadelphia (Langhorn and Yardley), Utah (Orem and Provo) and now Charlotte, NC.
39. I have travelled internationally to Chihuahua, Mexico and Paris,
40. I hate the word 'panties'. Ew.
41. Fall is my favorite season, then spring. I hate the summer.
42. I love cold cereal and could eat it for 3 meals a day.
43. I love being married to my husband. (5+ years now.)
44. I keep my nails cut very short so I can easily and aggressively use my hands.
45. When I was about 8 I tried to institute a paying library. I was furious when my parents wouldn't let me have a dedicated phone line.
46. I am pretty uncoordinated.
47. I was lactose intolerant while pregnant with Fi, and now she appears to have a milk intolerance as well.
48. I am 5'3" with very short legs and pants are always, always too long for me.
49. I hate mouth noises-especially smacking!
50. I am the baby of my family.
51. I must have alone time everyday to recharge and restore my sanity.
52. I have many 'associates' but few very close friends
53. I can, and do go outside barefoot in any conditions, including snow.
54. I cannot imagine my life without the internet-it seems I research something every day.
55. I really really wish I could play the piano.
56. Ditto with sewing.
57. I've gotten pregnant twice while on birth control.
58. I have 10 books on hold at the library right now.
59. I have 210 books on my 'to-read' list.
60. Once I got Blue's Clues wrong. Seriously. I thought it was spaghetti and meatballs- it was pizza.
61. I hate, absolutely hate Timm's sneeze. It is so loud, startling, and over the top that I can't even say 'Bless you.' I know that's stupid.
62. I feel very generous with what I have.
63. Acts of service do not come easily to me.
64.I wish I had an old house. An old farmhouse, craftsman, tudor...
65. I love to bake and have learned to make bread this year. I'm loving it.
66. I have always been pale, and I like it except when my pasty legs are shown in a bathing suit. Tan fat looks way better than pale fat. (Just like how black is slimming and white is not-)
67. I am not very good at keeping in touch, even when I am very fond of the person.
68. I almost always feel tired and ready for a nap.
69. I think I tend towards laziness, even though work is always very motivating and rewarding.
70. Twix is my new favorite candy bar.
71. I wish I could wear cozy socks, but I never do because of my constantly over-heated state.
72. I am a good listener and very empathetic.
73. I love any kind of massage, back rubs, or tickles and hardly ever get any of them.
74. I love the smell when the heat comes on.
75. I love words.
76. In my spare time I would almost always rather eat, read, or sleep, preferably in that order.
77. I want to lose 60 pounds.
78. I love real estate and search for houses regularly.
79. If I am curious about something, I immediately research it on the internet until I am satisfied and then I still usually check out one or more books on the subject.
80. I don't know how I ever lived before DVR.
81. I love HGTV.
82.I started a huge quilt more than 10 years ago and it is still unfinished.
83. I would really love to start quilting again, but I need to relearn it.
84. I love to sing (alto) but I am very out of practice.
85. I am pretty good at a lot of things, but not really good at any one thing.
86. If I had unlimited funds, I would tweak my style and streamline my house, making it cleaner and more linear.
87. My grandma's nickname for me is 'Pritzy Pritz.'
88. Timm calls me 'jt'.
89.My grandma's house has always been my safe place and I have memories as early as 3 years old.
90. I swear in my dreams.
91. I am afraid of heights, including ladders.
92. My only other fear is sprouting vegetables- other than those 2 things, I'm fear-free.
93. I am trying to simplify my life, including our consumerism.
94. I used to be a huge spastic animal-rights vegetarian animal-lover.
95. Then I grew up and had kids.
96. My first child was a perfect little girl who was stillborn at full-term. Her name is Lola Jane.
97. I still cannot grasp or believe that I have 3 kids.
98. Right now I have a closet full of cute clothes that aren't even close to fitting me.
99. Right now I am also very insecure about my weight and feel like the 'fat friend.'
100. I'm so glad I'm blogging while my children are small.


michelle said...

I guess I didn't remember that you hadn't already done a 100 list!

I had no idea lavender was your favorite scent. What the?

I think I knew all the rest of this. But I'm not sure I believe that you are uncoordinated. And seriously -- cold cereal 3 meals a day? I don't even eat it for breakfast that often.

I love your nicknames.

I'm still giggling about Blue's Clues. That must have been a function of sleep deprivation or some such.

#94 makes me smile.
DITTO on #99!

Jill said...

This is a great list Jessie!

I laughed out loud about you not getting Blue's Clues right, that's too funny!

I hate Randy's sneeze so much and was happy to see that you hate Timm's sneeze as well.

It cracks me up that you're afraid of sprouting vegetables.

Anonymous said...

Lavender is my favorite scent- how did I NOT know this about you?

I think my feet could give yours a run for their money in the beyond hope category, and no that is not bragging- it is sad :( I wish I could wear cozy socks all the time but my feet get way too hot.

And I completely relate to #26, 27, 28, 40, 52(bigtime) 68, 69, 70 and others of course...

And your sprouting vegetable fear still makes me laugh.

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