Saturday, November 15, 2008

Wish List

For my own, as well as other's use, I have decided to create a wish list. I will update it as needed and keep it on my sidebar. I don't want for much, but I'll write it down when I think of it and you shall wonder no more.
Incidentally, I think life would be much easier if everyone did this!
Sewing Shears
Sewing Box (for supplies)
Cutting Mat
Wool Felt
The Creative Family by Amanda Blake Soule
Handmade Home by Amanda Blake Soule
Bend the Rules Sewing by Amy Karol

Bend the Rules with Fabric by Amy Karol

Drug Store or Ulta g.c.'s for makeup and toiletries
New stainless steel appliances
New carpet
Exterior home makeover
Gone With the Wind dvd
Target gift cards (for all of life's necessities)
Sewing lessons
Running clothes
Rita's Water Ice gift cards
iTunes gift cards
Blurb g.c.'s so I can publish my blog books
Real Simple, Cooking Light, or Weight Watcher's subscriptions
This dust-ruffle for Bella (twin)
iPod- bright pink or green.
Double Jogger
Special Nike iPod running shoes
Crest White Strips
Weight Watchers passes
New glasses
Deep ceramic pie plate
Marking Pens and Pencils


michelle said...

Good to know!

Anonymous said...

This IS a good idea- I am impressed that you came up with so many. I have a hard time making wish lists.

paws said...

Do you know that you don't need the special shoes in order to use the Nike + iPod thingy? I just put my little transmitter in a tiny plastic ziploc and safety pinned it to the top of my shoe (on the outside).

Of course, if you don't have an iPod, you'd need that first.

And since you're interested in becoming a runner, I'd recommend the Nike + iPod and a Walk to Run program. (Click on my Walk/Run label for details - although I didn't make it through all 13 weeks. I can track down the rest if you're interested.) I found it to be very doable. The end goal is to run a 5K.

Jill said...

It would definitely be great if everyone would do this. I hope you eventually get all of these things.

rmt said...

That's just fun!

And you definitely need an ipod. They are the best.

I'm going to have to google the 'ipod shoes.' I've never heard of them before but they sound cool.

Diana said...

great list. I want many of the same things.

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