Saturday, November 08, 2008

Random Lists

Pet Peeves:
1. People who misuse the word 'weary', replacing it for 'wary'. As in, 'I was weary of such and such...' It's even on a national commercial right now. How does that get past so many people and make it on the air? Sickening.
2. Mouth Noises. Especially smacking. Especially smacking.
3. 'Iregardless.' Although it does make me laugh.

Names I would consider if we ever had a 4th girl:
(they go nicely with 'Lola', 'Isabella', and 'Fiona'.)
1. Georgia
2. Sophia (except it's currently the #1 girl's name.)
3. Mia (is that cool, Molly?)
4. Gloria
5. Emma
6. Stella (except it rhymes with Bella...same with 'Ella'.)
7. Mona ( inspired by a great friend)
8. Hannah (my best friend and a palindrome.)
9. Elsa

Lately I'm Eating:
1. Cheeze-Its
2. Diet Rite cola
3. The grocery store's last bag of candy corn for .30
4. Homemade granola bars
5. Starburst
6. Rita's Water Ice
(What happens when I eliminate dairy and have no recipes ready-)

Lately I'm Watching:
1. House. A lot of House.
2. The Office
3. Survivor
4. Heroes
5. Chuck

Things I Want:
1. a double jogger
2. running shoes
3. my own iPod
4. a new mattress, sheets, pillows
5. clothes that fit
6. a pedicure
7. a higher salary for Timm
8. a cure for colic
9. no more cellulite, stretch marks or flabby C-section fold. (Ew- 'flabby'.)
10. a milkshake
11. to lose 50+ pounds
12. a housekeeper
13. a guest room
14. perfect vision
15. a house void of cat soil


Jill said...

Interesting and amusing list Jessie. I haven't seen the commercial with the wary/weary issue, but the use of iregardless drives me crazy.

You wouldn't really have a Stella and a Bella in the same family would you?

Cheeze-Its are even better when mixed with m&ms, but then so is everything else.

Is Heroes bugging you this season? Randy and I are pretty much fed up with it.

I want a shake now too.

Denise said...

Cheese-Its and M&M's?! I must give this a try.

Irregardless drives me absolutely crazy, as does un-thaw.

I've been having a House marathon today, making my way through Season 1 while I sew. I like it!

michelle said...

I haven't heard that commercial, I'm sure I would have noticed that. One of my biggest pet peeves is misspellings in print. Where are all the hideous copy-editors??

I can't believe you have such a long list of potential names, naming was always so hard for me.

The candy corn supply has been cut off, eh?

I especially liked your want list.

charlotte said...

I like the names Hannah and Emma the best. I hate it when people use the wrong words, especially made-up ones like "irregardless." (And the spell checker on blogger didn't even flag that one. . . .) I love Cheese-Its and M&Ms. I love Chuck, House, The Office, but haven't watched any of LOST or Heroes this season. I love your lists.

Susan said...

Many of your want-list items look like they would be at the top of my list!

I'm taking it that my question about the Christmas gift would be a good one, as you haven't emailed me back! (Check your email......)

Names, names, Bliss?

No Stella, I'm with Jill!

John Wood said...

That's a funny list, i must say so! I hope your hanging in there. Love you!

rmt said...

I love lists! I still make lists of names I like, even though I may or, more likely, may not have more children.

I've heard good things about House. Maybe I'll give it a try someday.

Diana said...

enjoyed reading your lists

Robin said...

"A house void of cat soil" - HAHA, for some reason, the way you put that cracks me up. "Cat Soil"!!

By the way, so sad to hear that our good hairless friends are creating stress in your life...I would totally take them off your hands if we could ;) Dobby could just live perched on my shoulders. (:

Oh, and I think Mia is such a cute name (:

Anonymous said...

I want a house void of cat soil as well! And new running shoes, and clothes that fit, and perfect vision. Since I can't have any of that I would settle for a milkshake.

And I am kinda shocked you would consider Hannah as a name for a 4th girl (why are you even thinking of this?!?!?!) I love Stella, but don't with Bella.

Maybe I should check out House if you are watching so much of it. I need a new show...

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