Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bella Lately

Last week, for the first time ever, Bella fell asleep on the couch. I am not exaggerating when I say she has not ever fallen asleep somewhere other than her crib, bed, or car seat. She did it again last night, evidence of her exhaustion on days she does not nap. Here she is bundled up with towels and a bath mat from the laundry, along with a package of wipes for a pillow.

Bella's been learning how to help more and clean up more of her own messes. I frequently ask her to clean up after her meal, which means throwing away her trash (a yogurt container, napkin etc.) and putting her dishes in the sink, or in the dishwasher if it's ready to load. If she has a small amount of food left on her plate she will scrape it into the trash. She's doing really well.

Of course sometimes she makes mistakes...

A few weeks ago we had our annual neighborhood yard sale. I was excited to go, so I packed up both of the girls for the adventure early that Saturday morning. Over all, it turned out to be a bust, but Bella sure enjoyed playing all day. She hung out on our neighbor's driveway playing with their assortment of toys for hours.
Little plastic frogs and other various small items? She was in heaven.
And the potty training report: SUCCESS! It is completely opposite of our last 2 attempts. She wasn't totally on board, but we did a paper chain and put it on the calendar, so when the say came we just went with it. Even if she wasn't excited, she showed no resistance this time, and by 2 she was taking the lead! The second day she went in and closed the door, telling me she needed privacy and then called me back a few minutes later to tell me she had pooped! I was expecting that one to be a hurdle... It's been about a week and a half, and since then she's had a few accidents, but most days pass without incident. She wears pull-ups for naps and nighttime, but wakes up dry most of the time. I love this! I cannot imagine how I bore those toddler diapers for so long... If it seemed obscene before, now it is just a sick horror I am wiping from my memory. I love potty training. She is so much cuter wearing little undies than s huge big diaper! She seems so much older overnight, in a good way. Love it, love it, love it.

And this one has nothing to do with Bella, but lately (when I do get ready...) I haven't been putting on any foundation- just a bit of concealer. I have never gone without foundation when I do my makeup- ever. I don't know if my glasses help hide enough of my face and under-eye circles that I can get away with it, or what, but I'm digging it. Of course, I still don't put on makeup everyday... Oh the weariness and laziness of new motherhood. When does that excuse become invalid?(No foundation- spot concealer and pressed powder only. A huge accomplishment for my face.)


michelle said...

I can't believe that's the first time Bella has crashed somewhere other than her bed! Remember when Eva would just fall asleep somewhere like on the landing by the door?

I'm so glad that potty training is going smoothly. It really does make diapers seem obscene, and I love seeing their tiny bums in only underwear.

I didn't used to wear foundation regularly, but now it seems I need to. wah.

lelly said...

i don't think the new mother excuse ever gets old. at least until all of the *children* are grown and out of the house. only then can we take back our beauty routines!

Diana said...

That's a cute picture of Bella. I can't believe she feel asleep on the coach, my kids never do that. I am so happy for you that she is taking naps again. I am also so happy that she is potty training well. It's amazing how when they're ready they're ready!

Jill said...

Congratulations on Bella's potty training success! Toddler diapers are highly obscene, especially when compared with newborn diapers. I can't believe I changed toddler diapers for soooo long!

Hooray for not wearing foundation! I don't either.

charlotte said...

Bella is so big!! That's great the potty training is going smoothly--she's grown up SO much since I last saw her :(

And that's awesome about the no foundation thing--shamwow!

Denise said...

Three cheers for Bella! I love the SPs with her. And I also love cute toddler bums devoid of puffiness.

Anonymous said...

The first time ever eh? That is just amazing to me. Kaylee already has fallen asleep countless places and Mya is a pro at sneaking off when I don't want her to nap.

Three cheers for Bella! Toddler diapers are obscene indeed. Kaylee's are already making me hope she is ready next summer. So foul.

And awesome about the foundation! I assume that is different than the powder stuff? But cutting anything out sounds pretty fantastic to me. You look great!

Susan said...

Bella-bean. Way too cute, and definitely WAY too much olders.

But yes, a good thing!

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