Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Blessing Day Photos

A little late, here are Fiona's blessing day photos from about 3 weeks ago. My parents came down for it and Timm included dad, Paul, Sam Smith (Molly's husband), Andrew Croshaw (Karilee's husband), Shane Stewart, and Mark Richardson in the circle. I'm glad that mom and dad got to come down- I always love seeing their interactions with the girls, especially Bella. Bella feels so comfortable with them and is particularly drawn to grandpa and his male attention. She seems to enjoy the different kind of play and attention that she gets from the male figures in her life: Timmy, dad, papa, Paul, Blake...

I was a little worried about the frailty of that head!
Proud parents, again.
(Almost) Our whole family.
3 Generations of women.
In Fiona's blessing Timm blessed her that she would make good friends and associates who would help her do what is right, that she would marry a worthy man in the temple. He specified that she was a very special spirit reserved for this time on earth and that her Heavenly Father wanted her to know of His love for her. After the blessing, which was succinct but nice, Timm immediately asked me what he said. He had no recollection of any of it.
I wish I had a full picture of the dress that Fiona is wearing. My grandma Charlotte made it for me when I was blessed, and Bella wore it as well. I love having an heirloom like this that has so much significance to me. I'm so thankful that my mom had the foresight to keep it, and I'm sure my girls will too, someday.
I'm so thankful that Timm is a righteous Priesthood holder who has the power and ability to bless our daughters. I'm thankful to know that our home and our family is protected through this great blessing.


Anonymous said...

It is awesome that your parents could be there for this and so much more! I love her blessing dress- what we can see of it anyway. And I love that your grandma made it for you!

Jill said...

It's so great that your parents are able to make the drive to come see you guys so often.

michelle said...

It's wonderful that Mom and Dad could be there. I love that you have your own blessing dress and that Bella & Fiona have both worn it. What a treasured heirloom!

There's nothing like watching your husband perform priesthood ordinances for your children to increase your appreciation of him.

Susan said...

I thouroghly enjoyed the post and photos.....a long awaited post!

I have WAY big dark circles....and they haven't gone anywhere in the last three weeks, either.

Beautiful girls. Pretty cute men too!

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