Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sweet Baby

Ah, this little girl is just about pure cuteness and sweetness right now. With the colic and reflux apparently resolved, she is just as pleasant as can be. I never thought she was 'bad', or even 'difficult' since it was so clear that she was sick or in pain- in other words, I never faulted her for her fussiness. Still, it is a relief to know that she is just as sweet as can be, and so far at least every bit as easy as Bella was. Is.
She only mildly fusses to communicate hunger or fatigue, which are easily remedied. Her face instantly reveals the sweetest gummy smiles upon any interaction with her. With little effort you can almost always illicit giggles, or at least coos that seem like genuine attempts to communicate. Since she is now sleeping in her crib with little trouble she is that much easier. It also appears we may have a self-soother on our hands. When I put her down for a nap she usually fusses a bit while I attempt to calm her with pats to the back. When that doesn't work I leave her to work it out for herself, coming back intermittently to reassure. Almost every time she starts to calm, sucking her little fists, until she puts herself to sleep. Sometimes she awakes from a nap and does the same thing. Such a wonder. A joy to behold, a true miracle, a sweet little spirit entrusted into my care. 3 times now.
I marvel that just over 3 months ago she was a mere fetus, and can't wait to discover more about who she is and who she will become.


Anonymous said...

A self soother is awesome! I love this seemingly (to me at least!) quick turn of events.

"sucking her little fists, until she puts herself to sleep." That one line made my heart drop a little. I miss that fist sucking stage/noise. Sigh.

rmt said...

What a darling baby she is. I am so thankful that she is over the colic stage-for both of your sakes!

I love the gummy smile/fist sucking/spit bubble blowing stage.

Also, the format of this post is awesome! How did you do that?

Jill said...

What a gift for her to be a self-soother!

I'm so happy that her colic/reflux have resolved themselves and she's back to being the happy little angel she started out to be. What a relief for all of you!

Denise said...

Happy times for you, with colic resolved. I've been a bad blogger lately, and feel out of the loop. Glad to hear things are going better!

michelle said...

A self-soothing baby, truly the holy grail!

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