Sunday, January 25, 2009

Snow day Part 2

I found these delightful little doves cozying up in the snow on my deck. They were so cute and serene, all puffed-up and occasionally cooing. Incidentally, what is the difference between a pigeon and a dove? They look exactly the same, and I have always suspected that they are the same creature with 2 different names, mainly because one connotes disgust and is nicknamed a foraging, flying rat, whereas another is the sign on peace, serenity, beauty. (Not to mention the Holy Ghost- imagine if we learned that the Holy Ghost descended in the form of a- pigeon?)

Bella had Joy School that day, and humorously enough, 2 of the mothers kept their kids home! I wasn't going to pass up an opportunity to leave Bella is someone else's charge, for my sake as well as hers. Miss Molly was nice enough to let them play in the meager snow at her house. Good thing they did so early, because most of the snow had melted by noon.

Umm...the hat I got for Bella when she was an infant. In my defense, it was ridiculously large for a baby, but now that she is nearly 4 it can't be fastened under her chin. I would get her another, but I don't feel an urgency to stock up on snow gear in our North Carolina climate.
I'm just happy that we got our token snowfall, and I'm okay if it doesn't snow again. Unless we got snowed in (ha) and it granted us an excuse, permission for our slovenly indoor ways, to sip hot chocolate and nestle. Since that sounds so far from what I do on a regular basis...Right.


shannon said...

Those doves are so sweet--
After living in NYC for 10+ years, I can assure you that there's a HUGE difference between pigeons and doves. (That being said, the grossness of pigeons still didn't stop me one time from rescuing a pigeon that was hurt due to some kids being mean to it) I'm crazy, I know, but I guess you had to be there--

Anonymous said...

I love that first picture.

michelle said...

I agree with Shannon -- HUGE difference between pigeons and doves. Huge! I can't even tell you how much I hate pigeons. Doves, however, now there's a sweet little bird that makes a lovely sound... I've never seen doves at my house.

Bella's hat cracked me up. I agree, with that amount of snow, what's the point of buying new snow gear?

Susan said...

Oh yea, no possible way to confuse a dove for a pigeon. Doves are quite pretty! They are greyish white and smaller. They are refined. They sound beautiful.

On the other hand, pigeons will swoop right down on your table when eating outside and try to take your sandwich! They fly right down on your head when you walk in the city and could go up your skirt it you're not careful! They're totally disgusting, irritating, and hideous!

The photo of the doves---lovely.

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