Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fiona at 5 Months

(or 'Details only interesting to me, and maybe Timm.')
I just love this little girl. She makes good propaganda for babies, as Michelle would say. She is such a little joyous addition to our lives. It's a good thing those babies are so cute and make up for the miseries (and miracles, i know-) of pregnancy. It can make you almost forget what it took to get them here. Almost. Since I don't really know if she is our last, but there is a very real possibility that she is, I try and remember it always. This could be the last time I ever have to do this...or get to do this...etc. I used to think that I would be grateful for that perspective, that it would give solace in times of stress over teething, tantrums, or toilet-training. I know there will definitely be moments where I revel in the finality of certain stages, but overall I am not fond of closing that chapter. I find that I am holding back, reluctant to admit that Fiona is getting older, so fast!

I don't know why, but I got the date of her birthday mixed up in my head without really thinking about it. Because of this I kept thinking, and answering to others, that she was 4 1/2 months old. Then I was with Timm when he told someone she turned 5 months old yesterday (on the 12th) and I was shocked! I felt like time had been stolen from me and my time with my baby. 5 months? That's almost 6 months, which is half a year, which is almost a year which is basically a toddler and then she's as old as Bella is! What? I simultaneously wonder what our life was like before her and feel like we just got her! She still feels like a novelty to me. That smile doesn't hurt, and it never gets old.
With Bella I gave her solid foods right at 4 months, where with Fiona I am holding off. No need to rush things. I like that I can still provide all she needs, even if it ties me to her as sometimes inconvenient times. I love that this time around I am more relaxed than I was with B. I was about to say 'much' more relaxed, but let's not get carried away. I mean, it is much more relaxed for me, anyway... I've been through it before so it's not all foreign and scary, I know things work out and don't last forever, so I cherish the time more. I'm grateful for perspective.
So what is she up to this 5th month of her life? Well she is getting quite active. I'm worried that she fill follow Bella's lead and crawl with proficiency at 7 months. She back bends and arches all over the floor, when placed on her back she almost always immediately flips over without any troubles. She's even started kicking off from that position. Oh dee. She does the same thing in the bath and it cracks me up every time. She just learned to blow raspberries and is practicing that often with her 'mmm' and 'b-b-b-b' sounds. She's usually all smiles, unless she's tired. She is also similar to Bella in that she will only willingly sleep in her crib, and even that can take some doing. Once she's out, it's great, but getting there... I don't know why, but she seems to have to cry every.single.time. you put her down. The minute you place her in there, her face scrunches up and she bursts into angry cries of betrayal and hurt. I don't know why she can't just get used to it already! She goes to bed at about 6:30 (I can't keep her awake any longer-) and sleeps till around 4 or 5 in the morning, when I feed her and she sleeps until about 8. During the day she naps like clockwork, but for brief naps. She sleeps for 45 minutes, is up for an hour and half or 2, then back down for 45. Not really enough time for me to really get into anything.

Today she had her first vaccines. I know, I know, I'm a slacker. So sad. I don't relish those experiences. One more month and we have to do it again. She had another first today- she reached out, grabbed her binkie, and put it in her mouth! Twice! I was inordinately proud. So dexterous.
So that's Fiona right now, growing up every day while we try and enjoy it, remember it, and appreciate our lives together one day at a time.


Anonymous said...

And interesting to ME and I am sure Michelle and your parents...hello!?!?

She is so cute. I am so happy that she is good baby propaganda :)

emily said...

Thanks for the update! I'm so impressed by you and your family. Your girls are so lucky.

I love so much the beautiful pictures you've been posting lately. The first picture of this post totally looks like your Mom to me.

Love you!

Tasha said...

I feel like I'm doing the same thing with Stella, not rushing things that I was so anxious for with Evie. I find that I am dressing Stella in clothes that are too-small because I don't want to pack them away or admit that she needs a bigger size. I am a nut!

Fiona's smile is heart-melting!

michelle said...

Isn't it interesting how you're not in such a rush the second (or third) time around? And I completely understand your mixed feelings -- I knew Eva was my last and although I was happy to move on from a lot of things, it still gave me pangs.

Hooray for baby propaganda!

Jill said...

Wow, 5 months already! That top picture of her is great, such a big smile.

I am so glad I didn't know that Whitney was going to be my last baby. I was fully convinced I'd have 2 or 3 more, so I didn't mourn the ending of anything. It was a tender mercy.

Claudissima said...

Fiona is such a cutie!

Susan said...

Yes, Hannah, SO interesting to me!

I'm loving this almost daily documentation of my grandchildren!

She's toooooooooo cute! And now, I'm going to try to see what Emily is talking about!

Susan said...

could it be the round face and no eyebrows???!

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