Monday, March 30, 2009

Bella Lately

That crazy, crazy Bella. She continues to amuse me on a daily basis, whenever she's not driving me crazy that is. (She's a great kid, but she's still almost 4 and full of volatile emotions at times.) Let's see what she has been saying lately... This may be going back a bit.
A few months ago we were reading about the 10 Commandments in her illustrated Bible that we have been reading at night. As we were reading I tried to explain them in simpler terms for her. For some unknown reason she really latched onto the concept of stealing. I gave her some examples, some scenarios, and since then she was asking for them all day, every day. "Can you tell me a stealing story?" For a while I indulged her. Then he requests got more and more detailed. "Can I have a stealing story about two kids? With no mom or dad? And they're names aren't Dave or Billy? And no Bella?" Once I tried to involve her in the story, and even though she wasn't even a guilty party she freaked out. She wanted no association with stealing. In bored desperation I once tried to use two of her friends, Sebastian and Cai. Then that was all she wanted, but then I got worried about implicating them in imaginary scenarios so I stopped that. After trying every possible scenario, every moral angle, I was so freaking tired of stealing stories, so I put a stop to them. Then last week she was grocery shopping with me and she took one small raspberry gummy-like non-pareil covered thing from the bulk bin. I swooped in and asked her if she was eating one of those, and she stopped chewing and realized something was amiss. I explained that what she just did was stealing. She didn't react, so I explained it again. When it dawned on her, her eyes instantly filled with tears and she started crying, violently. Then I had to calm her down and reassure her that I was not mad, she was not in trouble, but that she cannot do that again. She was shaken for a while. I continue to say 'no' to more stealing stories.

A couple of days ago I heard her exclaiming "X X X- is hot!" several times. Umm....where did you hear that Bella? My mind reeled as I tried to imagine where she could have possibly come into contact with that phrase, or XXX alone... To my relief she said, on Sesame Street, remember? Then I remembered that X had in fact, been the letter of the day, but I still could not fathom how she got that phrase. To my knowledge there was not that type of vignette on Sesame Street. Fine by me until she said it in public, at my Weight Watchers meeting. Somehow I don't think they would buy the explanation, 'Oh that's just from Sesame Street. Letter of the day, you know. XXX.'

B: I always pick my nose.
J: Why?
B: Cause there's boogers in there.
J: That's why we blow our noses.
B: That doesn't get the boogers out.
J: Yes it does.
B: It doesn't. Trust me.

What else, what else?

Oh, Moose. Remember when we gave Moosey to Denise last June? Well before we did so I talked about it with Bella a lot. I explained what we were doing, where she was going, why, and that we wouldn't be getting her back. She assured me she was fine, didn't care, and wouldn't miss her at all. And all of that was true. For a few months. Then about 2 or 3 months ago, approximately 6 or 7 months after we sent her to Denver, she decided she wanted to Moosey back. Suddenly it was a constant. "When is Moosey coming back? Why can't she come back? We could send Denise another dog. I really want a dog. Why can't we have a dog? I miss Moosey." repeat as naseum. When something goes wrong and she has an inappropriate reaction so I ask her why she's crying she would exclaim "I just miss my dog Moosey!" I had to put a stop to that as it was obviously an excuse she thought would elicit sympathy and allow her to cry for ridiculous reasons. Sometimes it makes me sad that she will bemoan that she misses Moosey, and even sadder that she always calls her 'My dog Moosey', but what's done is done. However, Denise, if you were ever to move to the east coast it would surely send Bella into ecstasy.

Bella always goes to my Weight Watchers meetings with me and delights in clapping with everyone when we recognize successes. Last time I got a 5 pound star and Bella requested one too. Later at home it got crumpled on her shirt and she cried out 'Oh no! My five pound star!' Ha. Also last week the leader said that the average person eats out 5.8 times a week. "Isn't that amazing?" and Bella calls out "That's amazing!" to the delight of the room.

I think that's about it for now. I'll update if I think of more Bellaisms. I did video tape her 'exercising' and flexing her muscles, but it won't load. Mom and dad, I guess you'll just have to plan a visit stat.


Diana said...

Cute little girl. I wish I could see her and you daily!

Anonymous said...

Bella, Bella, she is awesome. I love that you were telling her stealing stories, that is just cracking me up tonight.

XXX is hot! Remember Mya and the 'hot and sexy couch' phrase? Remind me tomorrow to tell you about the making out thing :)

5.8 times a week- that is amazing to me! I can't imagine doing that a month, let alone weekly.

GCC said...

Wow, I need to meet this little girl some day. She sounds incredible! Also, I think you should consider writing a book. Either non-fiction or fiction, what ever you'd like--but you really have a way with writing, my friend!! This is coming from an English major who reads her share of blogs - yours tops every other one I've seen so far. LOVE it! You are delightful.

michelle said...

Ah, where to start?

I love Bellaisms. I had fun relating the items in this post to Grandma this morning, and she was laughing her head off. The stealing stories, wanting to send Denise a replacement dog. But my favorite thing by far is trying to imagine an XXX is hot! vignette on Sesame Street and your "Letter of the day, you know. XXX." You and Bella both crack me up.

Susan said...

Hmmm...I'm thinking that Bella gets her entertaining ways from her mother...

Of course, we love to hear her antics and would love even more to be there when she is in the act!

Michelle and I were just saying that we aren't funny. I guess you and Bella got all the funny genes!

Although no comments from Dad, he gave a full accounting to the staff tonight while we were remerchandising the store and flipping the entire floor around.

Dad/Fred said...

Yes...I have to comment. Your blog was cracking me up!! I wish I could be a fly on the wall and hear the stealing stories and other amusing stories about Bella. She is so entertaining (along with her mother)!!

And...I had to tell the stories to the BES staff last night as we were working in the store. So dang entertaining!!

We need to spend more time around Bella and Fiona... (and their parents).

Denise said...

I am cracking up about the Stealing Stories! Bella is so darling--and although I really love her, sorry, but we're keeping Moosey!

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