Monday, March 23, 2009

Fiona at 6 Months

As usual I am a little behind in her monthly stats. She was 6 months on the 12th, but here we are. Let's move on. Fiona is still delightful as ever. I recall when Bella was this age I just loved every stage. I always felt like the age she was at the time was always my favorite so far. It continued for quite a while, but I can't quite remember when that tapered off. Luckily for Fi she just gets increasingly cute and enjoyable.
And here she is, sucking on Timm's toes. Surprisingly, Timm didn't orchestrate this maneuver at all- it was all Fi.
I finally started giving her solids about 2 weeks ago after it became obvious she was ready...following everything I put into my mouth and the like. She's a champ and enjoys every aspect of eating. Sounds familiar.
Right here it looks like she is missing her pinkie, but I promise she has all her digits. Just a funny finger-sucking angle. She has the same oral fixation that Bella did- everything goes in the mouth, and her three fingers seem to be her favorite.

On Sunday I uncovered this cutest headband for her. I am of the school of thought that I do not like what we refer to as 'brain tourniquets'- those heinous overwhelming bow headbands that look ample enough to staunch the bleeding of head trauma. However, I love this simple little flower. Why haven't I made these? It made her seem so big to me! Accessories already!
(If not a little cross-eyed...)

Love those big blue eyes...
She's just a joy to behold. I'm so glad that having a baby is more fun this time, that I can let go of so much of the anxiety, hangups, stress, and just enjoy this fleeting time of innocence. She is perennially happy, only fussing when she's hungry or tired. Although she does put up a fuss after I leave her to entertain herself on the floor for too long. Damn kids wanting attention and the like...Don't they know I have a house to keep clean?
I just enjoy her so much. She often communicates with growls and can carry an entire monologue is said fashion. No matter how many times she does this, it never fails to make me laugh.
She is really close to crawling. She can make it on all fours with ease now. She rocks back and forth and can even manage to shuffle a few 'steps', it's just the coordination of movement she doesn't have yet. Seriously it could be tomorrow. Crawling at 6 1/2 months. Lucky me. Super cute, but not a whole lot of time before I am baby-proofing everything and preparing for countless bonks, scrapes and other hurts. I should mention that although she will be crawling any day now, she cannot yet sit up. She seems to have a strong opposition to it, in fact. When I sit her up she arches her back, throwing herself to the floor so she can roll over and try to move. Interesting sequence of events she's chosen to follow. She's got priorities.
She still goes to bed at 7-Hallelujah! But everything else is completely erratic. She wakes up anywhere from 7-10 am, but usually closer to 8 or 9. She usually wakes up around 4 or 5 am and I feed her. I suspect this is more me being a sucker than an actual need for nourishment. Her naps are crazy. She used to nap for 45 minutes, to the minute every time. Now it is sporadic, but usually for the worse. They're usually around 1/2 hour now, with the occasional longer nap that I am never prepared for. I anxiously await some sort of order, longer naps, and a schedule of sorts to plan around...It's a good thing she's not my first because it would drive me crazy, trying to nap and constantly being awoken, living in terror, or at least anxiety of her next waking. Now it's just a matter of trying to madly scurry about the house completing housework. 'Tis but a season, right?
She's growing too fast, but I love this smiley, happy, chubby, rosy-cheeked cherub. Anyone who wants to get in on this precious stage of infancy better buy their tickets now! We're always accepting company!
I can't help myself. I have two more videos to post soon. One giggling, one growling.
So glad I'm enjoying this. Her. Life.


Anonymous said...

Man she is just so cute.

I agree with you on the enormous flower headbands, but think this one is quite nice. She looks too old!

I love that you suspect you are being a sucker in regards to the early am feeding...that is so the 'mistake' I made, but relished every minute of it because those nighttime feedings were gone so fast for me and some of my favorite memories.

michelle said...

She definitely looks older with the headband! I had one just like that, only green. A nice, refined size...

I love your thoughts on your current stage of motherhood. And that second to last photo is amazing. So so cute, it hurts my heart.

Jess Hammond said...

She's super cute J. I hope you don't mind I stalk your blog occasionally. I can't believe how fast they grow. Nice to see you doing so well.

Diana said...

I love that little girl and wish I could hold her my friend.

rmt said...

She is such a little doll! I'm glad that you are loving this stage, and I remember saying the exact same thing about Daniel: that whatever stage we were currently in was my "favorite!"

The toe sucking picture is just disturbing to me...

Oh, and I like her headband and she does look grown-up! And it is a good size. If you put one of those ones on her where the flower is as big as the baby's head...I'd have to worry then! haha

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