Monday, April 20, 2009

Looking Up

I have a very long list, about 40 specific reasons that I want to lose weight. I wrote it to cement the goal in my mind, to fully bring to realization the myriad of benefits and dreams that achieving that goal will bring. I need to also work on mental rehearsing-picturing where I want to be, what it will be like, look like, feel like. Sometimes these goals seem too lofty or vague to bring me to my senses or to maintain my motivation when it is lagging. So today I thought of just a few reasons to hold on and keep at it. Even if just for a day longer.

1. I am going to the beach for a week in June.
2. I am going to Utah in July and August and will see many people who haven't seen my since I was pregnant with Fiona. It will be a perfect opportunity to reveal myself and my progress. I want to be proud of what I present.
3. Hannah wants to run a 5k when I am in Utah.
4. I want to find a 5k to run here, soon.
5. I got a great encouraging letter from Tasha today!
6. When I went 'running' today, parts were a little bit easier than they were last time.
7. I held out during the hard times, and it is getting easier again. There is an ebb and flow, but I didn't give up or give in- I'm in this for life.
8. My new favorite dessert is Breyers No-Sugar Added Double Churn vanilla iced cream with All Bran (and sometimes Rice Krispies) for a topping. (1/2 c of this ice cream is only 90 calories and 4 grams of fiber- one point!! Although I never eat 1/2 c serving...)
9. I have eliminated a lot of the white stuff (sugar and white flour) from my diet.
10. My family is eating well.
11. I like the way I feel all bouncy when I put on my running shoes.
12. I will be at the pool constantly with my girls this summer.

That's about it for now.
Things are looking up.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE this Jess!

michelle said...

This is awesome! Hooray for holding out during the hard times, for things looking up, for feeling bouncy!

Jill said...

It's a great idea to write these things down. I should make a list for myself as well. It's rather appalling how complacent I've been about taking care of my body and how horrified I am that I look this way, yet continue to do nothing about it. Way to go!

rmt said...

It is a mystery to me, in my own life, of why it is so hard to lose weight when there are SO many reasons to do it...I think you are a lot closer than I am! Hang in there, and I'm looking forward to the big reveal when you come to Utah:)

Tasha said...

That is gret list! Have you read the book "Intuitive Eating."? It was a big key in my weight loss,& constant struggle.Have you read it? Im happy to mail it to you if you want to borrow it.

So happy for your bouncy feeling!

linda said...

I guess I'll have to watch Fiona and Bella when you run that 5k, oh my, what a burden:)!

Tasha said...

How great to make list! Refer to it when you need some cheering on. I hope I will get to meet you when you are in Utah this summer!

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