Monday, May 11, 2009

Running Minutea

PR: Personal Record- not that that means much...)
33:13 minutes
2.5 miles
12 min/mile 1st mile
13.2 min/mile average
Ran 2 minutes, walked 1 the entire time.

Friday night I went running on a different route, but the same distance, and it was 5 whole minutes longer, and separated into two halves with an hour or two break in between. (I met Molly at ColdStone.) HUGE improvement in 3 days!!

Sweating like mad. Tingling with accomplishment. Meager though it may be to other athletes- to this 'adult-onset athlete' it is just short of miraculous. Off to shower.

BTW- I decided against the 5k that is this Saturday. Partly because it is so soon and partly because it seemed kind of lame with no registration fee, no racing number, no t-shirt, small attendance. I want my first race to have all the excitement of an organized race. So I paid my $17 registration fee and registered for one on June 6th that is basically around Molly's neighborhood. I can pick up my race packet on June 3rd that has my number, t-shirt, goodie bag. I'm giddy thinking about it! I almost did a 5k tonight...Just need to extend that route a bit.


Anonymous said...

'Adult-onset athlete' has me laughing outright. It is so true, but it proves that it is never to late!

I am so freaking proud of you! You are going to love the 5k and be so ready for it. w00t!

emily said...

I love the "tingling with accomplishment" and also laughed at your "adult-onset athlete" description. Way to go with everything you've accomplished! (And now that I know that 5K's include t-shirts and goodie bags, I might have to start training myself!)

Diana said...

good job my friend.

michelle said...

Yes, 'adult-onset athlete' is an awesome term! I am ever so impressed and I think you did the right thing by waiting the extra couple of weeks for a more real-feeling race.

Karli said...

awesome awesome-I love it and am so proud of you! That is fantastic. You are so becoming the running adult athlete & I admire you for it. When I ran my first 5k, it was quite an amazing feeling! I am excited for you. Good job!!! (:

Jill said...

"Adult-onset athlete" that's hilarious! Way to go Jessie!

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