Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Utah- In the Beginning

Why has blogging been so hard to fit in lately?Maybe it's just that I'm readjusting to my normal life, my routine, and catching up and keeping up with the daily grind is taking all of my time, leaving none left for documentation or creativity. I hate that. For my own sake I want to be blogging frequently. We'll try and do better. Now then.
This is the first part of my Utah trip. After we arrived at Michelle's we had a few days before we headed south for the Tanner family reunion. We settled in at Michelle's and on Saturday Timm and I celebrated our 6th anniversary. With built-in babysitting we were actually able to go out! It's about an annual affair with us, the ability to go out by ourselves. We left the girls in bed at Michelle's house and headed for Spark, a newer local restaurant in Provo. We were so psyched to try it as their menu looked amazing, Michelle had already recommended it and I had picked out a specialty drink that was a Shirley Temple with cotton candy on top of it!! Alas, it was closed because their a/c was out, but they had an employee standing by to give us a $50 gift certificate for our trouble. Not bad. (We ended up giving it to Michelle and Marc so they could celebrate their anniversary. Win-win.)
After that disappointment we headed to another highly recommended local restaurant, Pizzeria 712. It did not disappoint.
This appetizer, again recommended by Michelle, was amazing. It was short ribs on polenta with some kind of horseradish sauce cream that I cannot remember anymore. It was so succulent it could have been dessert. Coming from me, a statement that I would ordinarily consider blasphemy, that's really saying something.
The next day we met Timm's family at the amphitheatre in American Fork for a family portrait, taken by Marc. We all dressed in black and white and I think it went remarkably well for wrangling 19 grand kids, plus their parents.

Danielle, holding Fi.
Goofball in curls.
The SP caused a bit of confusion from some onlookers since we were after all, having professional portraits taken...
That night it was south to Birdseye, Ut for the Tanner family reunion.
It was in a beautifully remote location that I immediately loved for it, plus its lake, pond, and ample pastures filled with horses. Alas, they were not for the riding but they still captivated my attention for the 3 1/2 days we were there. There were 7 mares and 7 foals and I went out about 3 times a day, walking through their pasture, clicking my tongue and talking so they'd get used to me and accept me. Soon I was offering apples and carrots and they allowed me to pet them.
The foals were more wary.

Silly colt.
That building is a big chicken coop that was yet unoccupied. I could totally have lived there. (Uh, at the ranch, not in the chicken coop...)
Bella is such a wimp with physical activity. Where on earth does that come from? They were playing relays and Bella wouldn't participate so her cousin Lindsey carried her around. She still wouldn't acquiesce so after throwing a crying fit on the grass we let her sit it out.

Fiona had no shortage of dotage from her cousins, shown here with Kaylee.
The lake with its canoe was a favorite among many and Timm would row me around at dusk after the girls were in bed.
The last day we noticed a fire burning above the neighborhood across the road.
Overall it was a great time. Bella had fun playing with her cousins from sunup to sundown, running around the 12,000 square foot house, jumping on the trampoline, playing in the sandbox, walking around the pond, participating in the crafts, games, cooking, activities and programs. It was well-orchestrated and executed and everyone had a great time.
Next installment: Utah, Phase 2.


Susan said...

This definitley helps me visualize the whole thing! Thanks.

The cousin holding Fi looks like a young Sophi!!!

Glad you're getting it documented, it's worth the effort. As you can see from the time, this is my catchup time too. Or, "the nightshift"....sad, but true.

michelle said...

Hooray for catching up! The Tanner reunion looks like such a beautiful location, and I'm sure the horses captivated you. I like the image of Timm rowing you around the lake at dusk as well.

lelly said...

seriously loving the chicken coop photo. way to capture the charm of your retreat.

i think the B & W scheme looks incredible for your family portrait (love a family that takes time for self-portraits!)

Jill said...

Wow, that place you went to for the family reunion looks amazing! I love that photo with the canoe and the one with the chicken coop, wow!

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