Sunday, August 23, 2009

She Says

I haven't documented any Bellaisms in a while, so here is a catch-all of strange and funny things she says sometimes.

"In America salvation comes to be ours."

J: "Bella, you only had one piece of bread, that's not lunch."
B: "No, I had two- I tore it in half!"

"This sucker tastes like a rainbow and is made from unicorns!"

Sebastian: "Bella, I think I'm going to marry you when I grow up."
Bella: "No, I'm going to marry someone else."
S: "Why?"
(no response)
S: "Before you can marry someone else I'm going to come to your house, grab you by the hand, swipe you off your feet, and into the car we go!!"

I told her that she would have to share a toy she was bringing with us. When she told me that the other girl never asks to play with her things I told her she might have to offer.
"That's not the way I am, mom. I don't do that to someone who doesn't speak to me and only listens. Why offer? I'm not that way."

"We have African music. It's mixed with Indian music and sounds like unicorns with horns."
(What's with the unicorns?)

I think there's more but I'll have to think about it and edit later.


charlotte said...

I love this!

Petey said...

I love the marriage and the unicorn quotes! ha ha ha!

michelle said...

What's with the salvation came to be ours?? Also I'm dying over the "why offer? I'm not that way." Hilarious.

Jill said...

She's hilarious! What was the context of "In America salvation comes to be ours."? Were you freaked out?

lelly said...

i'm so glad you took a moment to document these. how adorable!

Rin said...

HILARIOUS! Oh my gosh, so funny.

Susan said...

And just when I think I've heard it all!

She is too funny and quite a deep thinker! Where does she come up with this stuff? It's like she's been reading a novel....

These are priceless!

Fred said...

These Bellaisms crack me up. Especially the "salvation" comment!! What a character!! And she is already playing hard to get (with Sebastian)... (unicorns??)
Thanks for posting, but please post more often...

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