Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Field Trip

Today Bella had her first field trip in the form of one Patterson Farms in Mount Ulla, which is about 40 minutes north of here. Owing to our transportation limitations right now I was prepared to tell Bella we weren't going to be able to go, but it made me sad to think of all her friends going and talking about it at school and her feeling left out. I was inspired to ask Linda if she wouldn't mind terribly taking her, at least half-expecting a 'no', but she was happy to do it. At least she convinced me of that. Fiona and I came along and I'm so glad Linda was generous enough to drive us up there and spend half the day with us.
These are two of Bella's favorite people at school: Sydney and Madeline. Both are cute girls and I am curious to get to know their mothers better as well. Incidentally, Sydney reminds me of me at her age. Mom, do you agree? Shell? I don't know who else would know- Denise? I need feedback. My next thought was that I think she's really cute. I don't mean that to sound as vain as it does.

One of the first (and best) attractions of the farm was their farm animals. They had lots of goats, including babies and pygmies alike. So cute! I know goats get a bad rap, but I think they're so cute! I kept getting mad at the bigger alpha goats who would butt the little guys away when we were trying to feed them. Big mean bullies. I tried verbal chastisement and arm waving but they did not concern themselves with my disapproval. I sneaked some extra to the babies when the jerks weren't looking. how else will they ever get big enough to challenge their elders?
I loved this sweet looking sheep. I don't know what kind it is but is looks just like ones you see in romantic pastoral paintings. It just evoked peace and simpler times to me. Maybe it hated all of us gawking and chattering away, but her cool demeanor did not betray her thoughts. They also had a cow, a couple of ponies, 3 tiny sleeping black (thus un-photographable) potbellied pigs, chickens, peacocks and rabbits. Right up Linda's ally. Incidentally I still dream of having a gentleman's farm, i.e. one that is non-productive or large-scale, but maintained for fun. I've always dreamed of living on a farm and having chickens, pigs, sheep, goats, horses, maybe a cow or two. Not too many, just a few of each. I love the barn smell, especially horse barns. Hay, leather, tack oil, fresh air and even manure. The peace and solitude of simple hard work in the barn with your animal comrades. The chorus of animal sounds- clucks, maa's, baa's and the like. But I digress...
The scene.
Linda is so sweet with my girls and they return her affections. She held Fiona much of the time and kept her smiling and happy. Fiona's hair still smells like Linda which also smells a bit lie my mom since they wear the same perfume.

Our chariot awaits.
Listen, I'm sorry about the cleavage. There's not a whole lot I can do working with what I've got- I'm tempted to give you my bra size for a point of reference but I don't want to offend any shy readers so I will keep it under wraps. You can always email me if you really want to know. Anyway, all I'm saying is unless I'm wearing a high crew neck, which I am not wont to do- something's going to show. And I'm sorry. Oh, and this is me and Bella on the 'hayride'.
Fiona enjoying the view.
The view.
I tried to put Fi's hair in pigtails with much difficulty. Her hair is in a weird stage right now and unfortunately for her she has a double crown (2 swirls/parts on the back of her head) so it's all kinds of crazy.

She walked around trying pick up many pumpkins.
Bella roamed those fields picking up nearly every pumpkin, apparently testing their heft and appearance carefully. Incidentally, Bella's hair is also is a weird stage right now. We're trying to grow out her bangs for the first time and they are long enough to skim her eyes and be obnoxious, but not long enough to do much with. Her hair's getting crazier as she gets older. I need to figure out what to do with it but she is reluctant to make any changes. Plus, one time when mom was visiting she mentioned in her presence that Bella's hair looked weird with her bangs to the side and now Bella complains that she looks weird every time we do it.

All in all a good time was had by all. Linda saved the day by driving us there, keeping me company, and holding Fiona. We got a lot of good adult conversation in, something my days don't see enough of. Tomorrow I have to walk Bella to school in her costume (no car) as well as Fiona and a pumpkin for us to carve for the 'Pumpkins with Pops' activity that Timm is unable to attend. With Halloween a few days away it's a big week for parents!


linda said...

I too enjoyed the day! Thank you for asking me to tag along. Fiona gives great kisses!

Susan said...

One can only really appreciate this account when you realize how much Linda really dislikes all and any animals!!

Now, that's what I call a supportive, good friend...to me and to Jessie! I know she loves the girls and Jessie, and I love her.

Cute account and I'm happy you got to go.

Marie said...

You are so funny Jessie! Your honesty is refreshing, probably because I can totally relate to it!

michelle said...

I'm so glad you got to go! Hooray for Linda.

Bella looks way tall in that last pumpkin patch pic, what the heck??

My kids have had the double crown problem as well... I still can't figure out what to do with Eva's hair!

Jill said...

It's so nice that Linda took you guys on the field trip!

Since when do you hold back from giving information? I hope the anonymous commenter from a few posts ago didn't instill a sensor in you, I say post the bra size!

Denise said...

I'm sorry, but you'll never convince me that goats are anything but creepy, what with their demonic pupils and horns.

That is a labor of love for both you and Linda. I have never been that mom who just loves to go on field trips with my kids--in fact, I quite dislike them. I've always considered it a character flaw of sorts.

Yes, I think that Sydney does remind me a little bit of you at that age--though not quite as cute!

rmt said...

So nice to have a friend like Linda! Bella looks like she is having such a good time in the pictures. Isn't it crazy that our kids are old enough to go on field trips?

Tasha said...

Jessie- GGG when nuring, an wveyone told me they' shink own after I nursed Stella- LIAS! Since I know I'm not having anymore ki (hence he hysterectomy) I saw the plastic sugwon and he got the insuane co to PAY for the eduction an lift ecauseo ek, bak, shouler aje an migains. Je jas tp take a cetain amount off (350 grams or somthink) an someone fomtje insuranceo was ta thre to weigh it. So I went it I a cy saggy an am no a pweky B an Iam thille... I kno TMI, we an take turn...

Diana said...

so fun. Field trips are great.

Rin said...

Totally random, but I was reading some gossip magazine and saw that Jennie Garth(from 90210), or at least I think it was Jennie Garth, has two girls named Lola and Fiona. Those aren't the most common names and I thought it was funny that you also had two girls named Lola and Fiona. If she had a Bella in there it would just be plain creepy ;)

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