Friday, October 23, 2009

This Week

Monday, I:
- picked up the whole house
- vacuumed the house
- dusted most of the house
- unloaded the dishwasher
- ran two loads of laundry
- deep cleaned the hall bathroom
- soaked the bath toys and net in a bleach solution
- raked the front yard
- made smoothies
- created a caterpillar home
- played in the leaves with the girls
-tracked my food on
- had FHE
I did not:
-shower or get ready.
Bella holding the big fat caterpillar we found and made a temporary home for. She probably 'played' with this guy for about 45 minutes, long after I went inside. We kept him in his 'home' until daddy came home and then she reluctantly let him go.

For part of FHE we collected the leaves I raked and took them (along with Bella) down to the backyard.
Fiona got to join the rides on the way back up. Afterwards we let them jump in the leaves a bit. (Video at the end of the post)

We had the Maxima towed to a service station after it refused to start on Friday. Actually it would start briefly under duress and then almost immediately die. While the tow guy was here he was looking under the hood trying to assess the problem. My diagnosis to him was that it was making a bad squeaky sound that Timm said was a belt, then it refused to start and there was a fairly large metal cog on the ground. He tried to start it while I was inside feeding Fiona. I heard a heinous prolonged squealing sound and went outside to tell him how awesome that sounded. There was a bit of smoke coming from the hood and he told me it burned the belt right off and the car almost caught fire, had he not cut it quickly. There is now a souveneir spot of burned black cement on the driveway.

N.C. only uses rear licence plates so Timm kept the front Utah one if that makes anyone happy. I question its legality, but we've never been cited.
I got large blisters on the balls of my feet from walking 4.5 miles in unsuitable shoes, such as flip flops.
I let Bella use her piggy bank to buy her first item from the ice cream man who patrols our street. Yes, he is still patrolling since our daily highs have still been in the high 70's.

She chose a Spiderman delicacy with gumball eyes.
Fiona, suitably outraged that she is behind glass while I photograph Bella eating ice cream.
Video, below: Fiona started using a fork for the first time. She was using it much better before I got the camera out. She's like that- as soon as she sees the camera she's so mesmerized that she ceases all function with the sole intent of grasping said camera.
Also, the girls playing the leaves and Bella riding her bike. She rode her bike on the sidewalk across the street under my supervision while I raked. I was surprised because she hasn't ridden it in a while, and even then she needed a bit of help, but this time she got right on and went for it! After this video she started going as fast as her little legs could spin, teetering the bike to the verge of tipping, all the while yelling "I'm zooming! I'm zooming!"
By Friday I was climbing the walls from 7 days confined to the house with the girls. Yes, it even gets to me.
Our week came to kind of a grinding halt after the car was towed. We got a lot done in those first couple of days. Here's to about another week without a car...


Denise said...

I feel your car pain. Our '93 Explorer finally took its last gasping breath as it coasted into the driveway trailing a river of transmission fluid. We're down to one car and I find myself playing the role of chauffeur and taxi driver to all. Thankfully, our second car is no longer the little red truck, however, and is something actually large enough to fit the whole family.

Damn cars!

michelle said...

Sounds like quite the week! You must be feeling better if you are being that productive, eh?

I love the picture of outraged Fiona.

So sad about the car. Will you get it fixed?

p.s. I ran into your old roommate Christina at church yesterday! Her little family is living here for almost a year and she recognized me.

rmt said...

I can't get over how grown up both of your girls are looking! And so beautiful, too.

Is your car going to be expensive to fix? I really hope not. I HATE spending money on car repairs. It's like my least favorite thing...sorry:(

Susan said...

Several comments...

Is Fiona left-handed??!!

So glad to see that leaves are getting raking this year! Remember how Timm told me they were his natural mulch last year?!

Too cute, all accounts. Sorry about the car, and glad to see you are carrying out our tradition of leaf-loving. Where is the color?

Jill said...

I love super productive days like your Monday! I feel super charged and so accomplished after days like that.

Poor Maxima!

Why did you walk 4.5 miles in flip flops? Was that an accident or poor judgment?

I'm impressed with Bella's bike riding skills!

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