Thursday, November 05, 2009

1. I can't help it- I love reality shows. I really think it's because I find people so fascinating and I love studying their motives, their relationships, their talents and their actions. Thus, I am thankful for a lot of good tv- So You Think You Can Dance, Survivor, Project Runway, just to name my current reality favorites.
2. I am thankful for blogging which enables me to see Shell's daily life and the activities of her family while they are in Paris. Or while she lives in Utah for that matter. I really need to start commenting again.
3. I'm thankful that Hannah finally got a cell phone (I should talk-) so she can call me and we can talk and pretend we don't live over 2,000 miles apart.


michelle said...

Hear, hear!!

We've been downloading episodes of Survivor on iTunes and it is highly enjoyable. I cannot wait to watch SYTYCD on DVR when we get home!

Anonymous said...

I like SYTYCD and that is about it for reality for me.

And finally is right :) Pretending is fun.

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