Thursday, November 19, 2009

1.Thankful that I went to Bella's book fair at preschool today. I love those things! I lived for those in elementary school- I remember taking home the little newsletter/catalog of books they give you and poring over it, circling all the selections I wanted. LOVE it! I went in with the notion that I would buy one, maybe two of the reasonably priced paperbacks for Christmas. $41 later, including one for Fiona, 3 for Bella, and one from her teacher's wish list, I left. (Luckily Timm got paid last night.) Even though it was for Christmas I felt a little bit crazy spending that much on something that was not food, gas or utilities. Enter...
2. Thankful that when I got home from the book fair I got yesterday's mail and there was a $45 check in there from my dad with a note that read: 'hope this helps a little...'. It sure did, dad- thanks!
3. Thankful that today Fiona started saying 'uh-oh!'. We were shopping and were it not for her pointing and continual cries of 'Uh-Oh!' I would not have noticed that we had dropped our last remaining binkie. That would have been big trouble for me later. I went back an aisle or two and found it. Way to go Fi! Pure cute.

Edited to add: Also, thankful for Part 2 of the Project Runway finale on tonight! And sad too.


michelle said...

I love book fairs! And unexpected checks in the mail!

Fi saved the day -- that is just adorable.

Jill said...

I felt the same way about Project Runway.

I like book fairs too, but always think the prices should be lower. This year we only bought one book from each of the kids' teacher's wish lists and then Whitney got one to buy for her birthday...I hate being on hard times.

Hooray for unexpected money!!

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