Friday, November 20, 2009

1. I'm thankful for M&Ms and popcorn. Best snack ever, and I don't usually even care about the salty/sweet combo. Skip the salt and go straight for the sugar. But not this time.
2. I'm thankful that Fiona did not cry when I put her down for her nap and only cried for a minute at bedtime. People. Not a first, but a first in many months. Fingers crossed.
3. I'm thankful for a fun day at Molly's house with the kids. We took a walk, perused the local pet store and Trader Joe's. The kids pined at The Ultimate Pet Mart and Molly and I pined at Trader Joe's. Then it was back to Molly's for play, good conversation, a few confessions, and a great lunch. A good, good day.


michelle said...

Popcorn and m&ms is quite possibly the best. snack. ever.

Hooray for Fi surrendering to sleep!

I think the very best days are those in which the kids enjoy themselves while the adults enjoy themselves! Serendipitous.

Jill said...

I love popcorn and m&ms together, it's a glorious combo.

I hope this means Fiona is learning to accept sleep time.

Everyone needs days like this with a good friend.

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