Thursday, November 26, 2009

1. I am thankful for Alison Mathews (a friend in our ward and also our realtor) who invited us to have Thanksgiving dinner at her house with the other 25 guests present. It's a tradition of theirs and we have been invited in the past but this was our first opportunity to go. They wouldn't even let us bring anything! She does all the cooking herself. This year they had around 25 but he said sometimes it's more like 50. Crazy woman. Good thing she can cook :)
2. I am thankful that Bella caught an anole (a small lizard) on her own at their house. She wasn't afraid and she instinctively knew how to hold him, gently but firmly. So proud!
3. Thankful that we enjoyed the company of a new family in our ward, the Lees. Our kids are of similar age, cute, and Timm and I both enjoy each the couple- Promising!

More of a Thanksgiving update later. Come to think of it, Halloween too.


Anonymous said...

Doing Thanksgiving for 25 sounds dreamy. How cool that you could make it this year!

michelle said...

Doing Thanksgiving for 25 doesn't really sound dreamy to me. But that's the difference between me and Hannah for you!

I'm cracking up over your pride that Bella instinctively knew how to handle a lizard.

A potential new couple friend, how fun!

Jill said...

Wow, I can't imagine doing all the cooking for that many people, she must love to host!

Hooray for a potential friend couple!

Diana said...

yay for finding new friends in your ward.

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