Monday, November 23, 2009

Christmas Lists for Mom

My mom asked for Christmas ideas so I thought I would compile them all here and make it all as easy as possible. She wouldn't even have to go shopping, she could do it all from these links!

But first: A Christmas Public Service Announcement.
I try to live a simple lifestyle. I have said many times that I try to avoid excess, consumerism, materialism and the like. I have presents for Bella that I got 3 years ago but never gave her because I felt like I already had too much stuff. I adamantly do not want Christmases and birthdays of excess and extravagance. When purchasing or receiving something I always ask if I love it, if I need it, and if I know where it is going to go. So in keeping with this philosophy it should be known that we do not expect gifts from anyone. No gift is just fine with us. So are recycled, used, handmade or re-gifted items. If someone wants to give us a gift we welcome cast-offs from your own closet, kid's toys, Goodwill, garage sales... Just saying. We don't want for much, so I don't want anyone to feel obligated in any way. We are simple folk with no expectations.


These beginner crayon-type dealies.
I got her a toy phone and I am planning to make her a couple of things but other than that, I can't think of anything!

Bella would die for these- this collection of Disney princess dolls. I'm torn about these...Overall I'm not for licenced characters in general, and I would rather promote my homemade take on dolls, but she is a 4 1/2 year old girl and I know she would love them. Even though she has only seen 2.5 of the 7 movies portrayed above.

A little bit frightening... But she loves My Little Pony. I somewhat encourage this love because of the nostalgic connection I have with them, but this plush one is a bit odd. Still, she tells me "it is so beautiful!", so...
There are two Circo play tents at Target that are only available in the store that I would love to get for Fiona and Bella. There is a tree one and a monster one, both $30.
She has asked for a My Little Pony house. Nothing too big!
She also wants slippers. Size 9. Again, preferably no licenced characters.
She also needs some winter(ish) Sunday clothes.

Loving these for Bella!! Okay, so these are mostly for me. I love Pumas and Bella doesn't have any bonafide sneakers, so I thought-she might as well be cool! (Size 9, but the closest they have is 10.5 so we'd go for that. They'll last longer.)

LOVE these for Bella- So maybe not quite as practical as the ones that are mostly white, but SO cute. (Size 10.)
And then these:


Sweet new Pumas- Like I said, I love Pumas. I only have one old pair right now so I need a new winter sneaker. Loving these in a size 8.
New Pumas- As well as these. I love love love this original 80's ('GV' or 'California') style and just wish I could find it in more colors.
Bend the Rules Sewing- Amy Karol
The Creative Family- Amanda Blake Soule
Handmade Home- Amanda Blake Soule
Stitched in Time-Alicia Paulson
Sewing Shears
Any sewing notions
I wish i could say clothes but I'm in no condition to be getting new clothes at the moment...Maybe for my birthday. That gives me about 7 months.
Money for new, nice shoes.
Kreg Jig K3 Master Set
I also have reason to believe he would appreciate iTunes gift cards as well as the usual favorites, i.e. Target, Amazon, Borders and the like.
Cool clothes, socks and ties.
He has also noted that he's afraid to give my mom ideas because she always does cool stuff.
So-there you have it. Any questions?


Jill said...

You're so lucky to have such creative and generous parents! Your mom always comes up with such fabulous gifts I'm surprised you need to create a list at all.

Susan said...

Wow! My holiday stress just got a little lighter! And, since my next week of catch-up after Paris is non-stop, I'm really going to appreciate the ease.

Good job!

michelle said...

Again, brilliant idea! Very helpful.

I'm still wrapping my brain around you being so adamant about not being extravagant, simplifying, simplifying. It's wonderful, I really need to take a page out of your book.

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